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Today's daily energy on September 27, 2017 is still subject to strong energetic influences. The energetic milieu has been generally very high again for a few days and we are once again experiencing a permanent increase in the planetary vibration frequency. In this context, I also mentioned in my last articles that since 20/23. September (new moon/special zodiac constellation) a new phase in the process of spiritual awakening has begun and we will now definitely experience a further spread of truth on all planes of existence.

Continued strong cosmic influences

The changeWe are currently also experiencing a massive acceleration in the process of spiritual awakening and more and more people are gaining profound insights, are increasingly dealing with their own spirit again, are getting an increasingly detailed insight into the illusory world - which in turn was built around our minds and are developing significantly further. This is exactly how people come into contact with these topics for the first time. The whole thing is just getting bigger and bigger and even people who have hardly dealt with such topics at all up to now, who may even have been very skeptical about the whole thing or have even judged it, are now beginning to deal with this matter. In this regard, no matter how much the elites can influence our weather via Haarp, no matter how hard they try to restrict the development of our own minds, this ultimately does not change the fact that cosmic change is unstoppable. As far as this is concerned, in my opinion the elites and the puppet states are currently only scoring their own goals. Things such as compulsory vaccinations are no longer simply accepted blindly by every citizen, on the contrary, something like this is now being strongly questioned and is causing many people to rethink. Many people then ask themselves why people are forced to get vaccinated. As a result, they may do a little more research and find out that vaccines (or rather vaccine preparations) contain toxic chemicals (mercury, aluminum and the like).

The year 2017 has been a very successful year so far – in terms of collective development. So the cosmic change reached a lot of people this year in particular and our own spiritual ground was increasingly brought to the fore..!!  

Such a process can be related to many things, so there is more and more research/questioning and there is less and less room to contain our mind. Humanity is still developing at a very rapid pace and the year 2017 is taking its course. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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