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Today's daily energy on October 27, 2019 is mainly shaped by portal day influences, because we are on the second day of a ten-day portal day phase. On the other hand, or at the same time, other consciousness-altering influences also reach us, because Appropriately and especially starting with the portal day phase, we received stronger solar winds on the one hand and frequency fluctuations within the planetary resonance frequency on the other.

Solar winds & more

This is the K-index (Fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field, mostly triggered by solar winds) showed abnormalities exactly on the first portal day, therefore also indicates how strong the ongoing portal day phase is, after all, solar winds or a weakening of the earth's magnetic field are always accompanied by an increased flooding of cosmic currents/energies (the collective consciousness is more receptive and, due to the weakened earth's magnetic field, is increasingly reached by countless influences), – apart from the fact that 10 consecutive portal days represent a cleansing event at its finest. For this reason, the final days of October give us a very special potential for transformation and will greatly deepen our inner world. A massive spiritual development, combined or rather accompanied by a strong opening of the heart (The key lies in our hearts - self-love/openness/empathy/non-prejudice/connection & acceptance) is taking place these days and we are being drawn even more strongly into our own primal frequency (Original state - the knowledge of our own origin leads to our lives adapting more and more to the associated high frequency). Energetic influences

Well, ultimately we can be curious to see how far today and especially the coming days will feel. One thing is certain, the days can fundamentally change our lives and our own minds and reveal a new level of existence to us. The stormy moments of the past few weeks are leading to another climax and will fundamentally deepen our self-image. Finally, I can only add that we can welcome these days with gratitude. For example, yesterday I was rather tired, withdrawn, needed a lot of rest and felt a certain unproductiveness in myself (Which is why no daily energy article came, it was simply not possible for me - and nothing should come about out of compulsion), nevertheless, that is, even if I was in no way prepared for it, I was grateful for this day and gave myself up to the influences. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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