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half moon

Today's daily energy on November 27th, 2021 will be, apart from the overall or currently very acute energy quality (Mood of upheaval) characterized by the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Virgo at 03:13 a.m. and now reached its crescent shape at 13:26 p.m. So today we are given the balancing quality of an earth sign, a circumstance that is energetically optimal influences of the crescent moon. Today's crescent moon carries the energy of the manifestation of balance, harmony and a general inner balance; at least the half-visible moon reflects this energy quality perfectly to us.

Today's crescent moon energies

Today's Crescent Moon Energies | UnitThe Yin-Yang principle represented by the moon, i.e. the luminous (visible) and dark (not visible) Pages act separately from each other, but together they form one, like everything else in existence. And this principle, which is beautiful to look at through the moon, comes into being fundamental law that, when we become conscious of this essence again, can massively elevate our entire view of existence (the law of unity). Essentially there is no separation. Of course, we can live out a state of separateness, primarily in which we ourselves are rooted in a limited state of consciousness in which we perceive no connection to unity. But at the core there is no separation. Whether light and shadow, good or evil (which in the end generally just represent evaluations) or and this is the most important aspect, whether your own inner world and the outer world, all forms of expression always add up to one, i.e. wholeness, perfection. The external world is just an expression of our internal world and vice versa. Everything we can perceive is an aspect of our wholeness, embedded in our own reality. As a result, we only ever perceive the external world within ourselves, because it is embedded in our own being. It is the great becoming one with the entire existence when we feel and recognize again that everything is one and that in this wholeness or in this core there is the basic essence of harmony (the compensation) is. There is therefore only connection, because we ourselves are the entire existence.

The element of the earth

The element of the earthAnd thanks to the Virgo zodiac sign, which stands for order, structure and, thanks to the earth element, grounding like no other zodiac sign, today's energy quality can once again ask us to ground ourselves and therefore return to our own center. Especially the one that has now been mentioned several times Apparent circumstance has had a strong impact on many people and has resulted in many people putting their own minds into a state of lack or hopelessness, fear, abandonment or even a state of anger. But all of these images created are merely instruments of power through which, as I said, we should first leave our own center, because the more we ourselves reach a state of harmony, strength and inner harmony, the more we ensure the manifestation of a new world . We are thus depriving the old world of its foundation and allowing a new reality to become manifest. Let us therefore follow today's crescent moon energies and get back into our true power. Lots of rest, retreat, natural food and grounding within nature can now incredibly support us in this process. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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