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Today's daily energy on November 27th, 2018 is mainly characterized by a lunar change, as the moon now switches to the zodiac sign Leo at 09:34 a.m. after the “Cancer phase”. For this reason one becomes perfect again A different energy quality manifests itself, because the moon in the zodiac sign Leo gives us influences through which we could act more self-confident, optimistic and dominant (depending on our current state of consciousness and personal issues).

Moon in the sign of Leo

Moon in the sign of LeoIn this context, the zodiac sign Leo generally stands for self-expression, as has often been mentioned in some daily energy articles, which is why there can be an outward orientation on certain days. Of course, an external orientation doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing (good and bad or duality arises at the end of the day from our own minds anyway, as we evaluate or categorize circumstances), apart from the fact that every circumstance/condition comes with an experience that is not only tailor-made for our lives, but also allows us to grow internally. Nevertheless, a corresponding orientation can also relate to goals whose manifestation we have a greater impact on, i.e. we dedicate ourselves to various projects and can pursue them with perseverance and zeal. The moon in the zodiac sign Leo also stands for more assertiveness and persistence. Ultimately, we could now take greater action and take advantage of an upswing. As mentioned in yesterday's daily energy article, extraordinarily strong energies have reached us in the past few days, which has enabled us to once again experience our own soul life more intensely. As a result, we may have been confronted with internal conflicts and subsequently made aware of the discrepancies that are preventing us from taking action. It is precisely these shadow-heavy aspects that experience “redemption” in this process of spiritual awakening and we ourselves consequently go through a profound cleansing process.

Change only comes about through active action, not through meditation or prayer alone. – Dalai Lama..!!

During this process, we humans increasingly come into our own creative power and begin to embody the change that we want for the world. For this reason, especially after the past high-energy days and the current moon in the zodiac sign Leo, we should now take the opportunity and try to take action, the conditions are definitely there and since everything generally boils down to such a circumstance, it is time to start with this (already creating a solid basis for the coming year 2019). With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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