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Today's daily energy on November 27th represents a review of our lives, i.e. a review of whether we are currently in harmony with life and are attracting all the things into our lives that we would like to experience, or whether we are permanently creating a state of deficiency and have focused our mental state on negative circumstances. Ultimately, that's why it works again about our own mental and spiritual development (aspect of the current cleansing process).

Investigate the cause of our suffering

Investigate the cause of our sufferingIn this regard, this development has assumed rapid proportions for some time now and, as has already been mentioned many times, we are experiencing a massive acceleration in the process of spiritual awakening. This is about a frequency adjustment to the high frequency circumstances of the earth, whereby we can release our shadow parts again in order to be able to be in harmony with life again. Our own spiritual development + creating a positive living environment is therefore the priority, especially on days when we experience real energetic surges (today is another day like that). As a result, the direction of our own mind changes again, whereby we begin to focus our attention on abundance, harmony and love again. Nevertheless, it should also be said here that changing our own mental state cannot usually just happen. So if we're feeling bad and even feeling depressed, we can't just make sure that we're suddenly completely positive and happy again in just one moment.

The change in our own spiritual state, i.e. the complete orientation towards abundance, harmony and light, does not just happen like that, but is always linked to our own active actions and the associated processing/transformation/redemption of our own inconsistencies and shadow parts..!! 

Our own initiative is much more important here and we “have to” ensure that we change the discrepancies in our lives, i.e. the factors that are responsible for our negative thinking, in order to be able to continuously remain in a positive mental orientation.

The realignment of our minds + today's star constellations

The realignment of our minds + today's star constellationsFor example, if you are addicted to certain things, for example a job that makes you unhappy, then you should quit and change jobs, otherwise the cause of your own mental imbalance will not be remedied. If you find yourself in a relationship that makes you unhappy, then you need to break away from it. If you are addicted to tobacco, alcohol or even other addictive substances and let these substances drag you down again and again, then you need to get rid of these addictions. If you eat an unhealthy/unnatural diet and know that this is making you sick, then it is important to eat naturally again. If you suffer from early childhood trauma or other negative experiences in your life, if you were unable to come to terms with some past life situation, then it is important to work through your conflict issues and stop repressing them so that you can draw a line in the sand after all this time . We can control our own mental state usually Don't just change things like that, but it is always necessary to find out and resolve the cause of our negative thinking and actions. For this reason, we should also take advantage of today's energetic circumstances and examine the causes of our own negative thinking, i.e. the causes of our own suffering. It's important that we become 100% aware of our own problems again and that we face these problems, otherwise we tend to suppress these issues and that always leads to underlying conflicts. Especially today we can become particularly aware of these problems, because since 07:08 a conjunction between the moon and Neptune has been in effect, which in turn can make us dreamy, passive and unbalanced (conjunction = can be more harmonious depending on the planetary constellation). also act as a disharmonious aspect – 0 degrees). We could also be prone to a certain degree of hypersensitivity and may even suffer from nervous disorders.

Today's daily energy can trigger a tendency towards imbalance and dreaminess in us, which is why we could be confronted with our own shadow parts again..!!

In the same way, today we might not be so careful with the truth and may feel like we want to remain in solitude. At 18:53 p.m. we reach a sextile between the Moon (in the zodiac sign Pisces) and Pluto, which could awaken our sentimental nature. This is exactly how we feel the desire for adventure and extreme actions. Our emotional life could also be very pronounced at this time. There are no other star constellations or aspects reaching us today. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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