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Today's daily energy on March 27, 2021 is mainly characterized by the preliminary influences of tomorrow's full moon, which incidentally also gives us the aspects of the zodiac sign Libra, because the moon changes into Libra in the early morning at 05:23 a.m., which is why tomorrow's full moon will not only give us an explosive mixture of energy, but also us completely into harmony and balance (balance principle). This is how the magic has been happening since the equinox, a day that also stood for a perfect balance of powers and since which has allowed the light to move in (during the day, for example, it is light longer - the darkness is disappearing).

The energies complete

full moon energiesTransporting your own mind into a state of balance is therefore the top priority. The prevailing frequency circumstance is designed exactly for this quality and on tomorrow's full moon day we will be able to feel it very strongly in us. After all, only a correspondingly balanced state will gradually draw the world into the same state of equilibrium. The potential for change is within us or we ourselves embody the main foundation for transforming the world. And as I said, nothing is better suited for entering a state of stillness and balance yourself. In this context, every disharmonious idea has an effect on our own mind/body/soul system and puts it in a stressful state of vibration. Diseases therefore only mark healing processes at the end of the day, which can be traced back to an inner stressed state, which in turn is the result of an unbalanced/disharmonious mental state. But tomorrow's Libra full moon, the current quantum leap into awakening and also the current incoming spring energies want us to complete our inner healing process. Everything aims to get us into a powerful state spiritually and this deep ancient power is in turn anchored in calm, balance, self-love and harmony (Magical/"supernatural" abilities - coupled to mastery of one's incarnation). For this reason, we are confronted with disharmonious states, i.e. destructive ideas, beliefs, actions and their immediate effects in the phase that is currently becoming more and more frequent. Everything that allows us to let ourselves travel out of our inner peace feels increasingly damaged, you just can't indulge in it anymore, the consequences have become too strong in this respect (The resulting effect of a disharmonious cause occurs much more quickly - room for harmony should be manifested). Ultimately, therefore, we are literally drawn into a new state, it is an inescapable essence of the current time. And thanks to the violent planetary resonance frequency influences, this circumstance is then massively amplified. At this point I also quote an interesting post from the Facebook page Twin souls & soulmates, related to yesterday's blackshift:

"Another failure.
We had one yesterday and another today. This means that massive amounts of radio frequency energy are entering our systems - planetary and individual, and the gauges cannot function properly. Sunlight, plasma, the energy of creation, radio frequency energy that enables changes in our DNA and helps us to change, move forward into the new. I'm pretty sure you can feel it.
You can feel the powerful energy shifts taking place and your body is tired, even exhausted. You have vivid dreams/nightmares and you probably can't eat much or you crave really fun food combinations. .
The energy around you can also be very dense and heavy. Trigger. The ancient ways you are being shown in relationships around you to "see", recognize, know what is ready to be erased. You can see things clearly and you will be able to clear the wrong beliefs and societal res, old ways of relating, that we have brought here. This is why the collective energy is very heavy. The best thing you can do is to rid your system of the collective energy and open yourself to the new energy that is coming in. Release your old and collective energy and breathe in the new high frequency energy.”

Well then, in the end we can only continue to welcome the current energy quality and above all look forward to tomorrow's full moon, it will be highly magical. Last but not least, I would also like to point out the time change, which in turn is happening tonight from 02:00 a.m. to 03:00 a.m. Starting tomorrow, it will therefore stay light much longer into the evening, which energetically always goes hand in hand with a completely different feeling. Spring and summer feelings will be massively intensified again. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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