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Today's daily energy on March 27, 2018 is mainly shaped by the moon in the zodiac sign Leo, which means we could still act quite confidently and dominantly. On the other hand, the Leo Moon could also be responsible for the fact that an outward orientation prevails, i.e. a profound preoccupation with our own mental life takes a back seat. Instead of hiding at home and thinking about your own life, we could dedicate ourselves to much more everyday activities.

Two harmonious lunar constellations

Two harmonious lunar constellationsOf course, this does not necessarily have to be the case, especially if we are currently subject to a more destructive or negative state of consciousness. Nevertheless, appropriate activities are still possible (even if I have to note that interpersonal communication can still suffer due to Mercury retrograde), the same also applies to sporting activities and other activities that stimulate our own mental state. As for me personally, I started training again yesterday. In this context, as far as I personally am concerned, there are always three phases that I go through. At first I'm in a phase where I do a lot of sport, i.e. I go running and do strength training. After a few months, the training becomes more irregular and I start to indulge in pleasure-related circumstances. In the third phase, I stop training completely and devote myself to relaxation for weeks, sometimes months. I usually tend to let myself go completely during this phase. So I'm completely addicted to pleasure and fall into various addictions. But after a while I feel so sluggish, demotivated and mentally weak that I suddenly start changing my lifestyle again from one day to the next and yesterday was that day. Today I will do the same and definitely maintain my slightly modified lifestyle. At this point it should also be said again how positive the influence of sport is on one's own psyche. Admittedly, in the last few weeks it has been very difficult for me to pull myself together. That's exactly how I felt tired, slightly sick, demotivated and unfocused most of the time. Since yesterday's exercise, however, I feel renewed and mentally much stronger, no comparison to my previous state of consciousness/mood. In other words, just 1-2 changes in a day, even if it takes effort to realize these changes, can pave a completely new path for the future and change our thinking.

Today's daily energy is mainly shaped by the Moon in the zodiac sign Leo and two other harmonious lunar constellations, which is why we could be very productive. Various ventures would therefore benefit us greatly and we could accomplish a lot..!!

Well, apart from the moon in the zodiac sign Leo, there are two other star constellations affecting us today. Both are harmonious in nature. So at 00:13 a.m. in the night we reached a trine (harmonic angular relationship 120°) between the sun (in the zodiac sign Aries) and the moon (in the zodiac sign Leo), which brings us general happiness in life and gives us life success, vitality, harmony and also can provide health well-being. At 16:09 p.m. we reach the second and final trine, which would give us a great ability to learn, a good mind, a talent for languages ​​and also good judgment throughout the rest of the day. Apart from that, this constellation has a very positive effect on our intellectual abilities and our independent and practical thinking is promoted. Ultimately, today mainly harmonious lunar constellations will be in effect, which is why we could be very productive, especially in combination with the moon in the zodiac sign Leo. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Moon Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/Maerz/27

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