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With today's daily energy on June 27, 2022 On the one hand, we are experiencing the lasting influences of yesterday's portal day, and on the other hand, we are slowly but surely reaching the energies of the coming new moon in the zodiac sign Cancer. In this context, another new moon will manifest itself in the element of water on June 29th, which will strongly reflect our family issues, i.e. will strongly address the associated connections, conflicts and desires. Added to this are the general energies of the now significantly waning moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Gemini last night at 01:14 a.m.

Between the extremes

Air signThe air sign leaves We also have to look deeply into our own conflicted parts, because in this context it is hardly like any other zodiac sign for the oscillation between two sides or internal conflicts, which then expresses itself primarily in an oscillation between conflicts, balance and a difficult decision-making power can, at least if we currently have personal unresolved issues within us. It is similarly comparable to two duals, i.e. our opposite aspects, which are addressed in this regard and, above all, are often accompanied by an internal separation on our part. But whether light or dark parts, female and male expressions, receiving and fulfilling (taking/giving) states, all opposing parts in ourselves represent our totality. We ourselves carry all parts within us, which together form the big whole, i.e. unity (ourselves) result. Everything is one and one is everything. Everything within you and especially everything outside of you never takes place separately from each other, because everything is embedded in its own field.

Feel the wholeness

daily energyNow about the Gemini Moon As far as we are concerned, we should also let our inner parts rise into the air or wrap them in lightness. Instead of us swinging back and forth between extremes and therefore living out an inner imbalance, the main thing is to unite all dualitarian patterns within us. Ultimately, this is also an overarching theme within the collective awakening process, i.e. the integration of all of our separate parts, along with a completely ascended image of ourselves, from which a reality based on wholeness can emerge. Because how can the world become or be whole if we don't feel wholeness ourselves, but rather separation and conflict within ourselves every day? Well, until tomorrow we will still experience the moon-related influences of the Gemini zodiac sign, after which the moon will change to the zodiac sign Cancer. And since the Sun is also currently in the Cancer zodiac sign, the energies, especially during the upcoming New Moon, are completely focused on solving and healing issues related to our families. It will therefore be special. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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