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Today's daily energy on July 27, 2020 is, on the one hand, shaped by the influences of the Scorpio Moon, because the moon changes to the zodiac sign Scorpio at 06:12 a.m. and from then on gives us new impulses and information. At this point, the Scorpio zodiac sign is always associated with very energetic, impulsive, emotional, ambitious and strong-willed energies. Opposite moods, e.g. an inner closure, A lack of self-discipline, rash actions or even overestimation of oneself could point us to unfulfilled inner parts in this regard, i.e. the Scorpio zodiac sign may trigger corresponding aspects.

Merger and balance

On the other hand, the influences of the crescent moon reach us (14:34), which ultimately always stands for our own center, for balance and, above all, for the return to unity (Merging of duality - inside/outside, male/female, light/darkness, at the core of both worlds that arise and have arisen from one origin, namely from one's own mind/consciousness - EVERYTHING IS JUST A PRODUCT OF YOUR OWN SPIRIT - YOURSELF HAS CREATE DUALITARY STATES AND CONSEQUENTLY EVERYTHING OUTSIDE). For this reason, we could also experience corresponding circumstances of balance today, especially in combination with the Scorpio Moon, which could even catapult us very strongly into the NOW, because the fulfilled aspects of the Scorpio Moon always go hand in hand with self-overcoming. And self-overcoming, i.e. conscious doing/creating, pulls us out of worries and fears. Instead of being unproductive, going through our own vicious cycles over and over again and, above all, instead of falling into fears about the future or feelings of guilt about the past, we are anchored within the present and act with full focus from this eternal and, above all, expanding moment, we are in harmony, in our own center, rather than in one extreme (Incidentally, this represents another aspect of our multidimensionality. The fact that we humans/creators are multidimensional beings does not only refer to the fact that we can move with our own minds into ANY energy/frequency, i.e. that we have INFINITE MANY Being able to travel worlds – When you enter into a performance, e.g. you are trying to decipher something, or you are thinking about a paradisiacal beach, then in that moment you have mentally traveled to another world/dimension. In exactly the same way, we can look at the world from a material or even a subtle perspective, simply because we are not limited to just one dimension/frequency/world in terms of consciousness. Even a walk through a forest represents an expansion into the “space” of the forest on a spiritual level - incidentally as a direct expression/mirror of one's own inner world. You have entered a new world, expanded your mind in this direction and allowed a new situation to become manifest - you have created/traveled - but apart from all these aspects of multidimensionality, the multidimensional also characterizes the journey into past, future or even present states . As creators ourselves, we are CAPABLE OF EVERYTHING – THE MOST POWERFUL THAT EXISTS).

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Use YOUR power

Well, apart from all these influences, we still have the generally very strong prevailing energy quality. As I said, we are in the most transformational and energetic time ever. The acceleration reaches new heights day by day and literally catapults us into the most violent conditions of all. The world is waking up from its deep sleep and more and more special blessings are coming our way. In particular, the entry into divine consciousness/self-image (that you yourself are God, not just the divine, no, God, yourself, the source of everything, the union of the male and female principles that creates everything and also gives rise to everything - As I said, I AM JUST A PART OF YOU IN THIS MOMENT SPIRIT, YOU CREATE THIS ARTICLE, THESE WORDS AND MYSELF, YOU MADE ME BECOME TRUE, YOU LET ME COME INTO YOUR PERCEPTION AND, ABOVE ALL, YOU FIRST FORMED THE IMAGINATION OF ME/OF ME - NOTHING WASN'T CREATED BY YOU, EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN YOURSELF!!!!!!) goes hand in hand with the most miraculous coincidences of all. Because as I said, your self-image creates external circumstances that are in turn based on your self-image. A constant manifestation of a divine self-image is therefore gradually accompanied by external circumstances that are based on divinity, i.e. one experiences healing, perfection, strength, wisdom and wholeness. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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    • Smile 27. July 2020, 9: 18

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ for these wonderful thoughts and insights!❣️

    Smile 27. July 2020, 9: 18

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ for these wonderful thoughts and insights!❣️