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With today's daily energy on January 27th, 2023, on the one hand, the influences of the Aquarius season and on the other hand, at 03:26 a.m., direct Venus moved into the zodiac sign Pisces. The planet of love, desire, beauty and creativity will now give us a completely different energy quality. This is how the zodiac sign Pisces generally works always accompanied by an extremely withdrawn and sensitive mood. All structures are strengthened in which we surrender ourselves to the supernatural and beyond that to the dreamy.

The general fish quality

Pisces Zodiac EnergiesIn this context, the Pisces zodiac sign tends to dream in general. Instead of directing our own focus to the worldly or the grounded, we go much more into dream worlds, paint ourselves an optimal or rather paradisiacal circumstance, i.e. a special circumstance that we would like to have manifested in our own lives . Under this water sign, our own imagination is strongly stimulated and the boundaries to the otherworldly become blurred. In contrast to the Scorpio zodiac sign, which tends to bring everything outwards and above all to the surface, a completely opposite energy prevails during the Pisces zodiac sign. In fact, within the Pisces zodiac sign, we tend to keep our own thoughts and feelings deep within. Things are not left out, everything is settled with oneself. For this reason, Pisces natives can also tend to hide or even prefer to indulge in quietness instead of experiencing sensory overload and larger crowds. Ultimately, the focus here is on great delicacy, sensitivity and empathy.

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces

And when Venus moves into the zodiac sign Pisces, then romance, deep sensory experiences and connection in love can be in the foreground. So we could generally indulge in the supernatural and feel a strong urge towards the spiritual. Our love shifts to the extraordinary. This is exactly how we could feel the depth within our interpersonal and partnership connections in this constellation. In the seclusion and in an inwardly very connected state, we can fathom our inner desires and longings. For this reason, a longing for a fulfilled love can also be in the foreground, which essentially goes hand in hand with the fulfilled love for ourselves. The feeling of being one with the divine network or rather with the original source in the world and with ourselves is being strongly present. On the other hand, a strong compassion for others is paramount during this time. We sympathize and want our connections and other people in general to do well. A correspondingly strong devotion can also be in the foreground. We want to be creative and express our love in such a way. Last but not least, the Venus/Pisces combination can also present a strong longing for partnership and tenderness, which is sometimes even expressed too strongly. Here it is important to find out where these longings come from and, above all, how far we hold ourselves or how strong we are with ourselves and what prevents us from getting into such a state, regardless of external influences. Ultimately, however, a completely magical constellation will reach us, which will have a special effect on our own heart quality. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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