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Today's daily energy on February 27, 2019 is still influenced by the moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius, which can still make us more idealistic, freedom-oriented and, above all, more optimistic. In particular, the optimistic expression of emotions can be of great benefit to us here and is therefore, Especially in the current time of acceleration, extremely worth mentioning (like yesterday Daily Energy Article described - we attract what we are and what we radiate).

Another resonance frequency update

Another resonance frequency updateAside from the lunar influences, even stronger influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency could also reach us, at least in this regard we received strong anomalies or impulses over 3 hours yesterday (see image below – Source: Russian Space Observing Center). Since the ten-day portal day phase (from February 08th to 17th - a highly transformative phase in which we were not only able to confront countless inner patterns in a special way, but our entire system was also flushed through - completely in keeping with the current spirit of the times) there are generally significantly more abnormalities, even if such abnormalities have been occurring more and more for years. Nevertheless, at least at the moment, things are getting stormier again and so we received stronger impulses yesterday. daily energy

At the same time, we also received a very special anomaly, which in turn occurs much less frequently and refers to the black bar in the diagram. Unfortunately, the significance of this anomaly has escaped me (Maybe one of you knows here - I searched everything myself, but couldn't find any more information about it), however, my position at the time was that this anomaly was special and of a "decoupling" nature, for example a short-term massive weakening of the planetary resonance frequency, just as the earth's magnetic field is repeatedly weakened (and there is talk of a coming collapse accompanied by a polar reversal). Ultimately, I can only speculate here and therefore don't want to lean too far out of the window.

The most beautiful harmony is created by bringing opposites together. – Heraclitus..!!

But the fact is that stronger anomalies/impulses reached us yesterday and it was quite energetically cleansing. In this context, the days generally become more intense and, due to the processes taking place in the background, we ourselves increasingly return to our own true nature, i.e. to our true divine nature perfection based self (the awareness of our perfection, our connection to everything that exists and permanently). For this reason, today will also be of great importance for our process of becoming whole and will certainly allow us to grow mentally/emotionally, even if this may happen through seemingly small everyday situations. Every day we immerse ourselves spiritually in a new dimension. There is no regression, just progress, expansion and change. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support : )

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