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new moon

Today's daily energy on August 27th, 2022 is mainly shaped by the energies of the zodiac sign Virgo, because not only has the sun been in the zodiac sign Virgo for a few days, but also an extremely orderly new moon in the zodiac sign Virgo is reaching us today (The new moon will manifest at 10:17 a.m). Thus, completely grounding energies now have an overarching effect on us, through which we are generally asked to bring to life a reality that is in turn accompanied by order, harmony and balance.

From the initial spark into balance

new moonPreviously, with the Leo energies, an extremely fiery and impulsive energy quality reached us, through which not only our inner fire could be activated, but also the foundation stones for an abundant reality were manifested. Surrendering ourselves to life, exhausting all possibilities and recognizing what makes us shine, i.e. what awakens our true nature, gives us joy in life and, at the same time, allows us to move forward on the path of truth, all of these qualities were in the foreground. The Virgo cycle is again about a completely opposite quality, namely grounding or the creation of a reality in which order, stability, basic trust and harmony prevail. Especially in the current times, in which we tend to fall into chaos and imagine a bleak future and reality, blinded by external illusions, it is more important than ever that we regain trust in ourselves and the world let us know with full conviction that the current global circumstance only serves to uninstall the old system and, above all, that a new world based on connection is on its way to us. The more we gain stability and balance internally, the more a corresponding balance can manifest itself in the external world, because we ourselves are the external world. We are connected to everything, which is why our own inner state also plays a significant role in shaping the external world.

The grounding new moon energy

new moonThe Virgo New Moon will therefore bring a lot of clarification in this regard and, above all, will start a cycle in which we can truly integrate a new life structure, order and quality. In this context, new moons always represent the beginning of a new cycle. And this cycle is now initiated in the structured and, above all, grounding sign Virgo. So we can now bring harmony and structure to all the things that we previously let slip. Be it a stressful lifestyle, dependencies, addictions, a sluggish inner mental state, an unbalanced/chaotic connection or partnership, all of these aspects now want to experience a lot of structure on our part and we can initiate a lot of positive things in this regard. Ultimately, we have now entered a sun/moon cycle phase in which we can completely organize our own minds structurally. Working on ourselves or on our own self-image, along with the disciplined reorganization of our own reality, is strongly encouraged. And since Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo, we can create a lot of clarification and order, especially in all communicative aspects, even through communicative channels. Let us therefore welcome today's new moon and use the grounding energies to bring a harmonious structure into our lives. It lends itself perfectly. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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