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Now the time has finally come and after a relatively stormy, but also very changeable series of portal days and after a very intensive week and a half, we have now received no more portal days this month. Of course, this does not mean that we can no longer be reached by vibrational thrusts, so the current quantum leap into awakening, the newly started cosmic cycle and the associated "waking-up period" are causing it again and again for phases in which our planet experiences an increase in its own frequency (effect of the galactic pulse - solar storms and co.).

Happiness in all areas of life

Happiness in all areas of lifeSo, to my surprise, we are receiving another energetic boost today, which in the end is rather untypical. In the past, after a series of portal days, the energetic situation calmed down immediately, which meant that our own mind/body/spirit system was able to calm down again and we were able to process the past strange radiation. This time, however, this is absolutely not the case and we are reaching another peak today. Nevertheless, continuing this highly frequented situation is not a bad thing and instead of rejecting these energies, we should bathe in them much more. These high energetic levels also promote a further development of the collective state of consciousness and, as a result, initiate a certain self-purification process, i.e. a process in which we remove our own shadow parts (sustainable habits, negative thoughts/emotions, old traumas, karmic entanglements, deceptive beliefs/beliefs and worldviews). For this reason, one could also speak of a liberation process here. On the other hand, the high levels of cosmic radiation also intensify today's star constellation. Today's daily energy also generally represents happiness in all areas of life, which in turn can be attributed to a corresponding constellation of happiness. In this context, today the Sun and Jupiter are connecting in a conjunction, which could result in great happiness in all areas of life or, better said, one could say that this constellation allows our own sense of happiness to be expressed again, which means that happiness is more likely to come into our own again draw your own life.

Good luck or bad luck are two states that are not the result of a supposed coincidence, but rather are products of our own state of consciousness. As humans, we are basically the designers of our own fate and are subsequently responsible for whether we attract good luck or even bad luck into our own lives..!!

As far as this is concerned, happiness is not a result of chance, but rather a state that is in turn attracted by our own state of consciousness (cause and effect - there is no coincidence || law of resonance, you attract something into your own life you are and what you radiate). For this reason, it could be a good thing that we humans today tend to focus more on happiness, which means that we attract more happiness back into our own lives in all the activities we undertake. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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