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Today's daily energy on November 26th, 2018 is mainly shaped by the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Cancer yesterday morning at 07:37 a.m. and has since given us influences through which we not only... not only could we be dreamy and sensitive, but also that our own inner life can be more strongly expressed.

Extremely strong energetic movements yesterday

Extremely strong energetic movements yesterdayIf necessary, this also means withdrawal is in the foreground and, depending on our life/circumstances of the day, we could indulge in peace or even feel drawn to a calm and relaxed situation. On the other hand, strong energetic movements could also reach us, because in this regard we received almost constant strong impulses yesterday or even in the last two days (see picture below). Yesterday in particular was extremely stormy. It was only towards the evening that the influences on the planetary resonance frequency leveled off again. For this reason, the day definitely marked another highlight of the month and was able to give us another good shake. Influences regarding the planetary resonance frequencyDays like these always serve, as has often been mentioned, our own mental and emotional development. Unveiling, cleansing and transformation can then be much more present and once again change our own world view or our own spiritual orientation. Well, in this context, I spent yesterday with my family and at the same time took a long walk in the forest. I also picked some nettles and blackberry leaves, which were then made into a smoothie. By the way, this is something I can only highly recommend. A natural diet is generally highly recommended, especially on high-energy days, as it provides a certain amount of relief to our organism. Wild herbs and plants are real “frequency boosters” due to their liveliness/naturalness (high frequency state) (I will publish a separate article on this in the coming days, especially since I have now been able to gain very interesting experiences with wild herbs and wild plants) . Well, finally I would like to point out a new video of mine in which I answered some of your questions. Whether it's the upcoming UN migration pact, the effects of 5G or even our own soul plan, I investigated all of these questions. With that in mind, have fun watching. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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