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daily energy

Today's daily energy on November 26th, 2017 will continue to be accompanied by stronger energetic influences and therefore also represents an invitation to set our lives in motion. In this context, countless structures have been changing for several months, especially since May. During this time, cosmic foundations were simply laid for massive collective further development and since then the quantum leap into awakening has experienced a real acceleration again.

Continued strong energies

Continued strong energiesIf I remember, it was also quite stormy during this time and strong solar storms reached our planet. Another turning point was September 23, 2017, a date that was even taken up in some early treatises and biblical traditions. Huge cosmic influences reached us on that day and one has the feeling that humanity has since entered a new phase and that the awakening of our civilization has taken on even stronger features. Ultimately, things have been stormier than ever since then and the cleaning process in particular has taken on very large dimensions. As has often been mentioned in some articles, this cleansing process also means a cleansing of body, mind and soul, i.e. a process in which we as humans free ourselves from all self-imposed mental inconsistencies and blockages.

A huge cleansing process is currently taking place, which ultimately leads to us humans releasing our own shadow parts, which means we can then stay permanently in a high frequency again..!!

So we begin to change our own lives again, dissolve all the aspects that still stand in the way of our own self-realization and begin to live truly again, begin to bring our actions into harmony with our thoughts and intentions.

The dimensions of the cleaning process

The dimensions of the cleaning processIn this regard, this cleaning process has now taken on very large dimensions. For example, I am currently confronted with more and more people who have completely changed their diet, have given their lives more exercise, have freed themselves from addictions or even from sustainable living situations and have generally taken many new directions in their lives. In some cases I can actually feel how this development is now and will continue to take on ever greater proportions. At the same time, the unveiling process is also taking on greater and greater dimensions, i.e. the unveiling of our world, the fact that we ultimately live in an illusory world, which is, firstly, shaped by occultist/satanic families that control banks, and secondly, constantly communicated to us via various media instances feeds disinformation and half-truths and, thirdly, consciously keeps us trapped in an ignorant daze. We don't live in a free world, but rather in a materially oriented world in which our lives are supposed to revolve around money, work, entertainment and external EGO-oriented conditions. People who act out of the grid and act against the masses, i.e. are critical of the system and question and reject the whole thing, are then usually either specifically excluded by society or even by the shunners and exposed to ridicule. Nevertheless, more and more people are realizing what is really going on and are rebelling against this system. Nevertheless, even if this unveiling process is taking on greater and greater dimensions, what is apparently still missing is a big bang, some major mishap on the part of the puppet politicians, the media or even the financial elite - industries, which will cause an extremely large number of people to wake up again and recognize the truth (Join us I have the opportunity to write another article on this topic, i.e. why such a bang is inevitable and will still reach us).

The unveiling process is becoming increasingly widespread and as a result more and more people are once again confronted with the system based on disinformation and recognize the energetically dense circumstances on our planet..!!

Well, it is now November 26th, 2017 and these processes, which are once again in full swing, are taking on ever greater proportions and the further development of humanity is progressing. Due to today's very strong energetic radiation, the focus is once again on creating a new living environment characterized by happiness, harmony and peace. So we should also join in with this changing time and welcome the structures that are changing instead of rejecting them. Otherwise, today's daily energy is also accompanied by a positive connection between Mercury and Uranus, which is why lightning-like and unexpected ideas could still reach us today (see yesterday's daily energy). On the other hand, the moon has also been in the zodiac sign Pisces since 9:03, which could make us sensitive, dreamy and introverted. You have a vivid imagination and could therefore dream very vividly.

Due to today's star constellation, we shouldn't expect too much from ourselves and should rather relax because of our tendency to be dreamy..!!

Meditation and directing our own attention to specific circumstances are also in the foreground. Towards the evening, from 18:02 p.m., the half moon (Pisces) will have a very disruptive effect on us and can cause family difficulties, health problems, difficulties at work, unpleasantness with the opposite sex and public discord. For this reason, we shouldn't get too involved in conflicts in the evening and avoid confrontations with people who we know in advance are of a tense nature. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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