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Today's daily energy on May 26, 2021 gives us an extremely powerful and above all profound energy quality, because in addition to an energetically strong full moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius (The full moon reaches its “perfect form” at 13:15 p.m), a total lunar eclipse will also reach us. The moon moves from 11:45 a.m. to 14:53 p.m. through the earth's core shadow, causing the total lunar eclipse. However, due to the timing, we will not see the total lunar eclipse in our latitude (the moon is below the horizon), but we will still fully feel its incredible and extremely powerful energy.

The power of the total lunar eclipse

The power of the total lunar eclipseIn this context, we must not forget that new and full moons in particular are always accompanied by an impressive energy quality and often bring out deeply hidden shadowy patterns in ourselves or remind us to revive our truest self-image Self-image based on perfection, on holiness, yes, in itself even a self based on that Holy of Holies. A total lunar eclipse takes the intensity many steps further and stops highly magical event The earth "shifts" between the sun and moon, which means that no direct sunlight falls on the moon's surface. The entire side of the moon that we can see is then completely in the darkest part of the Earth's shadow. The sun, moon and earth are then synchronously aligned, which means that the moon is completely in the shadow of the earth. The moon also often appears reddish (which is why people here like to talk about a blood moon), because a few rays of sunlight can be redirected from the Earth's atmosphere to the lunar surface despite the darkening. The darkening temporarily represents the darkening of our female parts (Moon = feminine parts), which are then fully illuminated. For this reason, total darkness is often associated with the uncovering of deeply hidden conflicts, but also potentials and powers. I would also like to quote a section from the website federgefluester-magazin.de:

“What’s it about this time?

The “themes” of the zodiac sign Sagittarius are now coming to the fore:
Sagittarius Moon means in its positive forms that we can now be "fiery", (cosmopolitan) open, freedom-loving and incredibly optimistic.
We strive for growth and wisdom, to higher values ​​and ideals, let us enter the world through our spirit Width and depth as well as in the enjoyment of life carry. This is additionally supported by the darkness, because it usually brings new insights and “revelations”, reveals “hidden things”. A lunar eclipse also means that Ende from something old and outdated. That is why the so-called “shadows of the past“take it up again. So it’s important to embrace our shadows and literally bring them “home.”

Ultimately, therefore, today can be of great importance to all of us. As I said, for thousands of years and also in earlier high cultures, a lunar eclipse was always attributed an extremely powerful magic, which is why corresponding days were also often used for rituals. Seen purely from an energetic point of view, the total lunar eclipse will give us an incredible solvent power and let all our cells flow through with a special frequency. And since today's full moon is even a super full moon, i.e. the moon, similar to April, is still at its closest point to the earth, this entire event will gain even more intensity.

Use your immense spiritual power

Now, going back to the dissolving power, for that matter, the total lunar eclipse will also take us even deeper into our true selves. Everything that is currently happening is aimed at precisely this aspect. As in the last daily energy articles (and above all in the most important video of mine) addressed, there is currently a struggle/act of liberation/ascension (and here I quote a text published yesterday evening) about our world of thoughts or our spirit.

"Deep down, it's about us using/shifting our attention to create, maintain and feed a dark reality, because just by constantly dealing with dark worlds, information and reports we feed the same world and let it come to life more - exactly That's what the dark wants. Our attention creates worlds or our focus allows the images that we direct our energy towards to become more of a reality. A divine world can therefore only arise if we focus on divine images/ideas, i.e. by mentally traveling through high-frequency, harmonious worlds on a daily basis (oneself God, the outer world as a direct image of God, every human being who sees the divine /Christ consciousness can revive in itself, the God on the outside, the world is healing, humanity is ascending completely, a golden age is emerging, I myself am divine/holy - the main thing is to shift to the divine/holy/golden - only in this way can a divine world arise, – as within, so without). Especially since that in turn triggers a good basic feeling in us and that in turn inspires our entire mind/body/soul system, every cell benefits. And since the outer world is a direct image/projection of our mind, we in turn ensure that our inner healing flows into the outer world and brings healing to it as well. Therefore, use your creative power wisely, everyone can achieve great things just by shifting their attention.”

The dissolving power of today's total lunar eclipse can therefore show us exactly these ancient dark patterns, i.e. the pattern of wanting to surrender to a dark reality again and again instead of shifting your own mind to the divine. So let us celebrate today and absorb the powerful energy of the lunar eclipse. Each of us has the ability to bring a golden world to life. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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