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Today's daily energy on March 26, 2022 is characterized on the one hand by the waning moon in the zodiac sign Capricorn, which means that the grounding and, above all, strengthening influences of this earth sign reach us, and on the other hand by the sun, which continues to move through the sign of Aries. The fire sign represents the departure into new worlds, the beginning of a new cycle (As the first sign in the zodiac cycle, it also ushered in the new year with the equinox on March 20th) and would like to completely involve ourselves in new structures (The expansion of our reality into completely new areas). We are currently permeated by the energetic quality of fire/earth.

The time of repentance

The time of repentanceRegardless of this special energy quality, which also leads us all to a particularly exciting new moon, because on April 01st a special new moon will reach us, which will then also be in the zodiac sign Aries (a pure fire or new beginning - departure day), the current oscillation situation is generally experiencing very strong escalations. As already mentioned in my last daily energy articles, this escalation can be felt everywhere. The only difference from the past few days is that the intensity increases from week to week and therefore always reaches new peaks. Ultimately, we can see this escalation everywhere. In our personal lives, our energy systems are literally being examined and trauma or conflicts within them continue to be released. This is particularly noticeable in the direct confrontation with our own, age-old, burdened issues. For example, if you have been in an unfulfilling relationship for a long time but are unable to break out of it, you can no longer suppress this fact or prevent a corresponding argument/healing, because the cleansing energy wants to lead everything into healing and change. We ourselves should enter into our sacred/highest self-image and live out this potential on all levels of existence. The highest self-image or rather a reality/spiritual state imbued with holiness (The return of the divine kingdom within ourselves), would like to be realized.

Dissolution of the fear level

It is therefore time that we increasingly dissolve the level of fear in order to be able to permanently immerse ourselves in inner peace. After all, as we've discussed several times, by shifting our focus to fear, we're simply perpetuating the density-based system. One could also say that the energetically heavy system with all its burdens, entities, beings and structures is caused by our fear, by our worry, by our lack and above all by a state of missing unconditional love (to ourselves and the world) maintained.

The maximum rise

The maximum riseThis is exactly how we are currently experiencing it in the world, especially when we focus on the overarching drama, because we are currently being presented with a major scenario, charged with the full energy of fear (or rather it should be fed by our fear). In exactly the same way, we are prepared for the possible experience of serious changes. The rising inflation, or rather the artificially created inflation that is currently beginning, is a clear sign in this regard and shows us that the actors on stage are preparing us for a major scenario to come (Blackout and co.). But none of this should worry us in any way. Regardless of what happens or what scenario occurs (or whether one occurs at all), we should know that at the core everything is controlled by a divine intelligence. The best things are happening for all of us and especially for the rest of the world. All old or toxic structures are currently being dismantled step by step and all curtains are being lifted. We are therefore heading towards a big finale. One could also speak of a major event that will fundamentally disrupt the current matrix system. It is becoming more and more acute and as I said, it has to happen that the current system changes or rather it is converted into a new, more luminous system (it's all one big show/stage). Well, nevertheless, working on ourselves remains our priority. The sooner we manage to heal our inner core and, above all, revive a holistic/maximal state, the more we accelerate the healing of the world. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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