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On the one hand, today's daily energy on March 26, 2021 is still characterized by strong planetary resonance frequency influences, for example yesterday we received a 16-hour blackshift (incredible). On the other hand, the increasing spring energies continue to affect our own spirit, providing sensations of the Upswing and tempt ourselves to enter into states of harmony. These influences are then reinforced by the waxing and, above all, almost complete moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Virgo at 04:23 a.m. in the night, which means the prevailing and above all moon-related receptiveness (increasing Moon) strengthened.

deep changes

Increasing MoonAs I said, in two days a powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Libra will reach us, i.e. the first full moon in spring will reach us and will be accompanied by a strong manifestation and completion energy. The influences can already be felt very strongly and, especially in combination with the prevailing upswing energies, initiate strong states of internal realignment or consolidation of various new fields. Within the natural spring field we can now fully focus on creating a balanced and above all clarified inner state. As I said, the month of March stands in this context like no other month for upswing and, above all, for a new beginning. frequency influencesThe initiation and preparation of a new overarching basic feeling, geared towards inner harmonization and growth, is the top priority. In two days we can therefore feel the completion of rooting according to new structures or even projects very strongly in our inner being. And then it will begin to move into the very changeable month of April, which also represents joy of life and new beginnings. I myself can only say at this point that, in line with the spring energy flowing in, I am very strongly drawn in the direction of detoxification, inner clarification and changing my biorhythm, and that completely without compulsion. It happened similarly in the month of absolute cleaning, i.e. in February, in which I thoroughly cleared out all my premises. Now it seems that I have decided to detoxify myself.

“Nature is completely awakening from its deep sleep. Everything begins to blossom, to awaken, to shine. Applied to our life and especially to the current situation, a spring equinox always stands for the return of light - for the beginning of a civilization that is now given the opportunity to rise massively. In addition, there is a balancing of forces. The dualistic forces come into harmony - yin/yang - day and night are of the same length in terms of hours - an overarching balance takes place and lets us fully feel the hermetic principle of balance."

In that regard, detoxification can also be extremely life-changing in general, as one rids oneself of toxic fields and heavy energy, leaving significantly more room for high-frequency sensations, images, and consequently life circumstances. If we clear/cleanse ourselves, then this also has a direct effect on the outer world, which is then also encouraged to cleanse itself more intensively (you yourself ALWAYS influence the entire external world and shape it through your internal state). The current energy quality is all about change and I think that most people feel this drive in themselves. The old has hardly existed and we ourselves should simply transition more and more into a high-frequency 5D state, i.e. a state of unity, divinity, clarity, purity and self-love, free from disharmonious circumstances, beliefs, feelings, ideas and actions. The entire cosmos is designed for this change purely in terms of its frequency, and no matter what we do, no matter how some may defend themselves, you simply can no longer evade it. For this reason, the coming second month of spring will bring many positive changes and let us all rise even more, there is no doubt about that. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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