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Today's daily energy on July 26, 2018 is characterized on the one hand by the moon in the zodiac sign Capricorn and on the other hand by four different lunar constellations. On the other hand, at 07:02 a.m. Mercury will go retrograde again (until August 18th), whereby he now exerts an influence on us that could cause us to experience communication problems more frequently than usual.

Mercury is retrograde again

Mercury is retrograde againIn this context, it should also be said again that apart from the sun and moon, all planets go retrograde at certain times of the year.

Current Retrograde Planets:

Mars: until August 27th
Saturn: until September 06th
Neptune: until November 25th
Pluto: until October 01st

This is referred to as a retrograde because, when viewed from Earth, it appears as if the corresponding planets were moving “backward” through the signs of the zodiac. Ultimately, retrograde planets are associated with various difficulties, but these do not necessarily have to become manifest. On the one hand, as always, our current mental orientation and quality are taken into account here and, secondly, we can pay attention to corresponding problem areas depending on the respective retrograde planet. For example, as previously mentioned, Mercury retrograde represents, on the one hand, difficulties in communication, which promotes misunderstandings, and, on the other hand, it represents a certain sluggishness in terms of our ability to learn and our concentration. For this reason, patience, calm and mindfulness would be very appropriate during this time, although this is generally always highly recommended. Well, apart from this circumstance, we also have the influences of the Capricorn Moon and, with it, the influences of four different lunar constellations. A sextile between the Moon and Jupiter came into effect at 03:31 a.m., which represents social success, material gains, a sincere nature and a positive attitude to life.

Mindfulness does not simply arise simply because one has become convinced that it would be useful and desirable to live more consciously. Rather, it takes a strong determination and a real conviction in the value of such action to bring about the necessary discipline that could be described as the cornerstone of an effective meditation practice. – Jon Kabat-Zinn..!!

At 08:28 a.m. another sextile comes into effect, namely between the Moon and Neptune, which stands for more developed mental abilities, a strong imagination and good empathy. We then continue with a trine between the Moon and Venus, which represents a very good constellation with regard to love and marriage, especially since this trine can not only make us adaptable, but also represents our feeling of love. Last but not least, we reach a conjunction between the Moon and Pluto, which firstly takes effect at 15:41 p.m. and secondly represents a certain depression. Due to this constellation, we could also be tempted to act emotionally during strong emotional outbursts. But how we will feel today, i.e. whether we are in a harmonious or disharmonious, productive or even unproductive mood, depends entirely on ourselves and the use of our own mental abilities. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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