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Today's daily energy on January 26, 2022 is mainly shaped by the influences of the third portal day and accordingly guides us even more strongly through the currently large active portal. And truly this is a very valuable or extremely profound and spiritually changing portal that leads us all into a completely new level of being. The acceleration is currently enormous and time is passing faster than ever before within this large open portal phase. The third portal day of the ten-day portal day series follows directly on from this special process and takes us all back to our own origins in a hurry.

Extreme speed – everything passes

Portal Day EnergiesUltimately, this is also a circumstance that I feel extremely strongly during this portal day phase. To be honest, I have never experienced a portal day phase that has such a profound and changing effect on my own mental state. Within the last two days, for example, I was able to let go of/heal conflicts, inner shadows and wounds at a rapid pace that I would never have expected myself, i.e. the spiritual change within these days seemed to me as if months had passed. Internal conflicts, sometimes also disharmonious energies that were linked to formative past events, hard moments that one might have clung to until recently or that had a strong presence in between, moved into the background as if they had already had a very strong presence a long time ago, a process that I have never experienced before on this scale or with this acceleration. It feels as if you have boarded a spaceship that is now flying into a new world at the speed of light. A completely transcending experience. It is as if this portal day phase really takes us into a new level of being and makes us become even more original. One could also speak of very deep levels within our being or even our energy field, which in turn are activated in the current days. We are therefore going through days of pure transformation, which will then lead us into February with this intensity due to their duration (because the portal day phase extends into February) and show us how strong the current paradigm shift is. Truly, the new world is becoming more and more activated, just as the dissolution of the old world is accelerating more and more. The world will continue to be given exactly the impulses it currently needs for its advancement. Whether anyone notices it or not, whether someone is still trying to get away from it all or not, fundamental new structures are being installed in the background that will make the ascension even easier for the entire collective.

Other special events

Other special eventsOur own origin is therefore calling more than ever and anyone who now enters into a high self-image based on holiness or who can now feel as divine/holy and accordingly revive complete trust will experience true miracles. NOW is the BEST time to revive all your dreams and deep ambitions, NOW is the time to take your own self-realization to a new level. Well then, and while this highly magical journey is taking place, other special events will also come to us. February is introduced on the first day with a special new moon, which once again underlines the quality of February. We are entering a month that is entirely about the experience/manifestation of a new life circumstance. Today at 04:29 a.m., retrograde Mercury moved into Capricorn. And since Venus and Mars are currently in Capricorn, our sense of duty is more important than ever and affects many areas of life. More than ever, it is not only important to reflect/question all of your own relationships and circumstances, but also to step into your own responsibility and self-realization. Within this portal day phase, we can also be automatically catapulted into corresponding states in a very powerful way, exactly as I described before. We can therefore now experience a remarkable transformation and develop a completely new or, to be more precise, increased self-image/consciousness. Let us therefore welcome today's third portal day and complete the gigantic crossing of the great portal. It is highly magical. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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