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Today's daily energy on January 26th, 2019 is shaped by strong influences, because it is a portal day, to be precise the penultimate one of this month (the last portal day is January 29th). For this reason the Impulsive basic quality continues to be maintained, a circumstance that felt like it ran through the entire month of January, i.e. it was one of the most intense months in a long time.

Feel the change

daily energyThis month, in keeping with the New Year, was very much dominated by new transformation processes, which were therefore accompanied by new thoughts, feelings and living conditions. You could really feel how much the process of spiritual awakening has progressed and, above all, how this spiritual collective expansion has affected the entire planetary circumstance. In this regard, we ourselves were able to experience processes through which we truly became new people. In my latest video posted last night (will embed/link it below the article), I went into this topic again. The principle of rhythm and vibration (one of the seven universal laws) states that an aspect of existence is continually shaped by rhythms, cycles, vibration, change and movement. The world is constantly changing, just as we humans, as spiritual beings, are constantly changing. Yes, we are not alike for a second. Even after reading this article, your awareness of the experience of reading this article has expanded, whether you could relate to the information or not. Living out a standstill, for example by repeatedly going through the same behavioral patterns, habits or, better yet, programs (rigid life patterns), puts a long-term strain on our entire mind/body/spirit system. A truly fulfilling life begins when we leave our own comfort zone and face the unknown, when we allow new experiences to become manifest and changes. We can do this more easily than ever due to the current special energy quality; indeed, the collective change really demands us to do so, whether directly or indirectly.

It is a big mistake to think that a person is always the same. A person is never the same for long. He is constantly changing. He doesn't stay the same for even half an hour. – GI Gurdjieff..!!

And in doing so we can experience how much we change and how we become new people, apart from our basic nature (which completely characterizes our existence). We are no longer who we were six months ago, simply because we have changed since then, simply because we have had new experiences since then, through which our minds have expanded in a new direction. Today's portal day influences will therefore go hand in hand with this principle and may give us countless impulses through which we can experience change. So it remains exciting. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 🙂 

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