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Today's daily energy on January 26, 2018 stands for the creation of new living conditions and can therefore mean that, especially for idealistic people, treading new paths in life. Above all, the manifestation of corresponding goals is importantin the foreground, which will subsequently allow us to start realizing long-cherished dreams.

The manifestation of new life circumstances

The manifestation of new life circumstancesAnyone who has been lethargic for a long time, stuck in desires and has not managed to break out of their everyday routine, could in all likelihood bring about change today. A lot of what we tackle could succeed as if by magic and our own limits can be overcome much more easily than on other days. Ultimately, we can therefore lay the perfect foundations for new projects today, which is why nothing stands in the way of a dynamic start. In parallel, the daily energetic influences could also give us a very passionate temperament, which complements very well with the manifestation of our own thoughts, because as mentioned in my daily energy article yesterday, passion and dedication are two valuable aspects when it comes to creating new ones life circumstances (the unfolding of our spiritual potential through devotion). Well then, on the other hand, our urge for independence and freedom is also in the foreground. We could also feel a strong enthusiasm for freedom in us, which is why people who are currently experiencing a life circumstance that restricts them more freedom will certainly look for ways to change the circumstance.

When we are truly alive, everything we do or feel is a miracle. Practicing mindfulness means coming back to living in the present moment - Thich Nhat Hanh..!!

A corresponding freedom orientation could also be responsible for the fact that we are confronted with the system and, above all, with the curious or even very contradictory structures of our puppet state.

Today's star constellations

Today's star constellationsIn this context, these influences emanate in particular from Mars, which changes to the zodiac sign Sagittarius at 13:56 p.m. and then expresses our enthusiasm for independence and freedom - makes us independent and goal-oriented and at the same time lets us realize our ideas. Before that, three different constellations reached us during the night, one discordant and two harmonious. At 01:01 a.m. a trine between the moon and Pluto (in the sign of Capricorn) became active, which meant that our emotional life could be very pronounced. Our sentimental nature was therefore in the foreground. At 02:40 a.m. the negative constellation reached us, namely an opposition between the moon and Jupiter (in the zodiac sign Scorpio). This association could bring us into opposition to the law and authority. Likewise, we could also be prone to extravagance and waste, which is why late-night online shopping would not have been a good choice. At 04:16 a.m., another trine between the Moon and Mercury (in the zodiac sign Capricorn) took effect, which was of particular benefit to “early risers” to a limited extent, because this constellation enabled us to have good judgement, quick-wittedness, a talent for languages ​​and a good have intellect. Due to this constellation, intellectual abilities were also in the foreground. At 18:39 p.m. the moon then changes to the zodiac sign Gemini, which means that we can act inquisitively and react quickly. You are awake, looking for new experiences and impressions. Ultimately, the Gemini moon also puts our communicative aspects in the foreground, which is why we could be very sociable.

Today's daily energetic influences are accompanied on the one hand by Mars in the zodiac sign Sagittarius and the moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, which is why not only the manifestation of long-cherished thoughts is in the foreground, but also our communicative aspects..!!

Last but not least, at 18:52 to be precise, an opposition between the Moon and Mars will reach us at the end of the day. This constellation could easily excite us, but also make us belligerent and hasty. Disputes with the opposite sex could then also threaten. Otherwise, this constellation also means that money is wasted in the foreground, which is why we should definitely be careful. Nevertheless, we should be aware that today's daily energy is mainly shaped by Mars in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini, whereby the manifestation of new living conditions and our communicative aspects are in the foreground. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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