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Today's daily energy is mainly characterized by ascension energy and enables us to go beyond our limits or to begin implementing various long-held projects. After all, it's Ash Wednesday, a day that is no longer used by too many people to start Lent, but is still popular.

Ascension energy

Ascension energyAnd in this regard, we must never forget that all of a person's thoughts and emotions always flow into the collective state of consciousness and guide it in one direction. For example, if you achieve very profound self-knowledge, then this knowledge or energy flows into the collective and reaches other people who can then also become aware of the knowledge. Conversely, self-knowledge can also be triggered by the collective itself. For this reason, the increasing number of awakening people is extremely consciousness-expanding, because the more people awaken, the stronger the associated influence on the collective and more people are in turn confronted with corresponding topics and information, through which they in turn begin to awaken experience. Ultimately, you can also project this principle onto today and after days in which countless people “celebrated” - I'll leave that at that for now - there now follows a phase in which it is again about implementing your own projects and, above all It's about increasing your own health - corresponding collective energies can therefore be noticeable (By the way, fasting boosts your own health immensely!!!).

Light energies

And in itself, this aspect is currently very much in the foreground, because the ascension into the light is simply accompanied by a relief and, above all, healing of our entire system. Well, to come back to today's Ash Wednesday, ultimately this day marks the beginning of a 40-day phase that lasts until the resurrection of Christ. The resurrection of Christ means the resurrection or return of the Christ consciousness, i.e. a high-frequency state of consciousness from which a divine reality emerges (This is what the resurrection refers to - the resurrection & comprehensive return of a divine state of consciousness). In keeping with the golden decade, we could therefore use this occasion to clear up a heavy burden in our lives within these days - in order to move closer to our own resurrection, in keeping with the festivals. At the end of the day, it's all about our personal advancement. Only when we ourselves ascend can the external world experience an ascension. Only when we root Christ consciousness within ourselves can consciousness become manifest in the external world. As always, it only depends on ourselves. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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