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Today's daily energy on December 26, 2019 is mainly shaped by the influences of the new moon (the new moon reaches its full form at 06:18 a.m), which in turn is in the zodiac sign Capricorn and is accompanied by an annular solar eclipse (mostly visible in Southeast Asia) is accompanied. An annular solar eclipse can also be compared to a total solar eclipse, except that the distance of the Moon to Earth is so large that it does not completely cover the sun, which is why only the outer edge of the sun is visible.

New Moon & Annular Solar Eclipse

Well, ultimately it is a final cosmic event at the end of this decade, which in turn is accompanied by concentrated energy and also represents the provisional conclusion of this decade, because with Boxing Day and the strong cosmic energies that come with it, one is slowly coming to an end Phase of the old, i.e. the devotion to old structures ends - enjoyment, addiction, withdrawal and persistence in old habits and patterns. Instead, this turning point will now catapult us into the new decade with incredible speed and will be responsible for - purely in terms of the quality of energy - ensuring that we live up to the entry into our highest divine spirit and act accordingly (divine “I am” presence – acting from the highest image of oneself, instead of still living out a limitation that in turn does not do justice to a God-man). On the other hand, new moons always represent the manifestation and experience of new life circumstances or a new cycle. The old wants to go and the new wants to be received again. And through the solar eclipse (the temporary arrival of darkness, which is then broken through by light - symbolism) these new moon aspects will be extremely strengthened again. In keeping with this, I'll also quote a few sections from the page again blumoon.de:

“On December 26.12.2019, 06 at 13:12.01.2020 a.m., the sun and moon will combine in a cosmic moment to form the new moon in Capricorn. Accompanied by a solar eclipse, this last new moon of the year has powerful energy. Each new moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle. This new moon in Capricorn is also the harbinger of the new cycle of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn on January 500, XNUMX. Such a cycle last began a good XNUMX years ago.

We are now facing changes in both the personal and social spheres. This new moon in conjunction with a solar eclipse marks a fruitful moment that we can work with consciously. Take some time to ask yourself: What new impulse am I giving to the world? What are my intentions and goals for the next four weeks? The new moon in Capricorn and a solar eclipse The sun represents our consciousness and is the source of creative energy. We can imagine that during a solar eclipse our consciousness and thus our logical mind are overshadowed and the unconscious comes to the fore. When the light comes back afterwards, it can feel as if a glaring spotlight has come on: we can suddenly perceive certain topics in a new way with a crystal-clear awareness. This can sometimes lead to a profound transformation, with a life-changing, fateful effect - but always towards more truthfulness in life.

Now people and events can come into our lives that will help us move forward on our path. A solar eclipse looks like a gigantic new moon. It enables us to dare and implement a truly new beginning. We are in a phase in which we can create a new basis for ourselves. A stable foundation from which a true life is possible. Eclipses do not work immediately, they unfold over a longer period of time and last until the next similar eclipse, which usually occurs six months later. However, a solar eclipse can also occur three months before it actually occurs.”

Well, at the end of the day, an extremely powerful and, above all, transformative event is reaching us today, which will not only give us a new perspective, but will also awaken the urge in us to fully realize ourselves or our highest divine spirit . It is also the last day of rest, which in turn marks the end of the old one and will then shoot us into the new decade at top speed. A very special energy awaits us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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    • Hedi 26. December 2019, 17: 48

      I warmly welcome my *new beginning, full of longing and fulfillment. With gratitude, love and faith for God's blessings.

    Hedi 26. December 2019, 17: 48

    I warmly welcome my *new beginning, full of longing and fulfillment. With gratitude, love and faith for God's blessings.