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Today's daily energy on December 26, 2017 represents our sense of love, which is now completely focused on sincerity and durability. The focus is on a harmonious relationship, i.e. a relationship in which we have no tendency to be extravagant and are completely dedicated to peace, honesty and trust, which ultimately forms the basis for every healthy relationship.

Feelings of love in the foreground

Feelings of love in the foregroundOur self-love is therefore again in the foreground, because ultimately we should always keep in mind that many relationship crises and other conflicts within a partnership only show us our lack of self-love or even our lack of mental balance. For example, jealousy, especially strong jealousy, is always an indicator of a lack of self-love. You may be plagued by fear of loss, you are afraid of losing the love on the outside (the love of your partner) because you hardly have the power of your own self-love. For this reason, relationships often serve as a mirror of our own inner state and show us all of our existing inner conflicts. Jealousy within a relationship would also be an indication of a lack of self-confidence. You don't trust yourself enough, you may see yourself as less valuable and, as a result, you fall into the mistaken belief that your partner can find someone else for this reason, or rather someone who has the appropriate self-confidence.

Relationships usually serve as a mirror of our own inner state and, especially in conflict-filled situations, especially when these are based on jealousy and other negative emotional patterns, they show us our lack of self-love, our lack of self-confidence and also our mental imbalance..!!

If you trusted and loved yourself completely, you wouldn't limit your partner through jealousy, but you would give your partner complete freedom, which at the end of the day will greatly benefit your relationship and make it more long-lasting.

Moon in the zodiac sign Aries – bundle of energy

daily energyAside from partnership relationships, sincerity, honesty and trust are also in the foreground in single life and can be responsible for us being honest and direct in emerging relationships or even other situations. These aspects are reinforced or even triggered primarily by Venus, which moved into the zodiac sign Capricorn yesterday at 06:25 a.m. and has since brought our feelings of love to the fore. At the same time, a disharmonious constellation also brings conflict-rich potential into our love life, because a square between the Moon (Aries) and Venus (Capricorn) became active at 03:30 a.m. This constellation could also result in a strong instinctual life. Inhibitions in love could also arise and emotional outbursts could occur. Otherwise, today's daily energy can literally transform us into a bundle of energy, because at 01:26 a.m. the moon changed to the zodiac sign Aries, which can increase confidence in our abilities and give us a real boost of energy. We act spontaneously but also responsibly and have a bright and sharp mind. At 02:44 a.m. a square between the Moon and Saturn (Capricorn) became active, which in turn could cause us to feel depression, stubbornness and a feeling of dissatisfaction. Ultimately, the star constellations make it clear that today our love life is in the foreground, but is still accompanied by changeable feelings.

Due to today's star constellations, our feelings of love are in the foreground, which are not only accompanied by honesty and trust, but could also be accompanied by changeable feelings..!!

For this reason, we should avoid conflicts and use Boxing Day, apart from our feelings of love, to experience peace and, above all, harmony with one another. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellation Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2017/Dezember/26

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