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Today's daily energy on September 25, 2022 is mainly accompanied by the energies of the Libra zodiac sign, because on the one hand the sun has been in the zodiac sign Libra since the autumn equinox and on the other hand it reaches us very late today (at 23:54 p.m. to be precise) a renewing and above all balancing new moon in the zodiac sign Libra (At 18:41 p.m. the moon changes to the zodiac sign Libra). This new moon carries a special and, above all, reflective energy, because along with the past equinox it allows us to review the first half of the astrological year (The astrological year - beginning with the spring equinox and the sun's move into Aries).

New moon and Libra energies

daily energyOn the other hand, the Libra New Moon also lets us feel the energies that have begun in the second half of this year's astrological year. We are now in the young autumn and can experience the magical transition into the dark season. The leaves will fall from the trees, the night or darkness will come earlier every day, the temperatures will drop and the special magic of the cold season will slowly spread into our streets. Today's new moon truly marks the beginning of this highly energetic season. That's exactly how today's new moon brings our relationships to the fore. After all, the sun and moon are now in the air sign Libra. The scales themselves represent the balancing and, above all, harmonious principle. With Venus as the ruling planet, the relationship with our fellow human beings and our loved ones always comes to the fore. All relationships want to be brought into balance these days, i.e. connections should experience liberation and also be made to flourish. Ultimately, with this new moon or with this month (Sun – Libra) strongly addressed our partnerships. Unfulfilled connection circumstances want to experience healing. And of course, at its core it is always about the relationship with ourselves, because the relationship with other people or even with relationship partners only reflects the relationship with our own inner world. The more we ourselves our inner child and above all the relationship with The more we bring ourselves into harmony/healing, the more we can bring healing into our connections and relationships.

Reflect and heal relationships

daily energy

The current time is therefore ideal for reflecting on our own level of development. We can recall past developments and, above all, our current state of being, along with the current connection to ourselves (and consequently the connection to the outside world/other people), keep in mind. At the end of the day, we should use today's new moon energies and the coming Libra days/weeks to bring ourselves even further into a state of harmony. In the last few weeks, Virgo has influenced us and asked us to create orderly and productive structures. In the current Libra phase we can bring these structures into balance and harmony. And with all the chaos in the world, this implementation is more important than ever. The current system is coming to an end and is on the verge of a gigantic shift. Whether this shift in the form of a major reset will be systemic or artificial remains to be seen, but it is consistently felt that we are in the final phase of the matrix collapse. The world is showing us that soon nothing will be as it once was. The entire circumstance, i.e. the strong tax increases (Inflation – soon leading to hyperinflation – that is just the beginning), the bottlenecks that are becoming more and more apparent, the fact that there is an upcoming one that is being communicated more and more blackout, the exaggerated trouble spots, all of this shows us the end of the old world. For this reason, it is more important than ever that we create a state of basic trust, serenity, calm and balance. This is by far the most effective thing we can do for ourselves, for our fellow human beings, for the world and also for the collective. For, as within, so without, as without, so within. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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