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Today's daily energy on September 25th represents a force that could certainly be described as earth force. This energetic influence therefore also has a strong connection to the earth, to our own roots and above all to the energy that we can draw from this connection. For this reason, our own root chakra is in the foreground today, which in turn causes feelings could arise within us that are connected to this chakra.

Power of the Earth - Moon in Sagittarius

Power of the Earth - Moon in Sagittarius

For example, an open root chakra also stands for security in life, stability, vitality, basic trust, stability and inner strength. A closed root chakra often results in one's own fears of survival (fears of existence, fear of what could come next, fear of loss), leads to a fear of change or even to a feeling of lack of belonging (one could also say that the corresponding fears lead to a blockage of the root chakra). If a person also suffers from the fears/problems mentioned above, then the energetic flow in the root chakra can only flow optimally again if we deal with exactly these problems again and ensure that these fears are transformed/relieved. For example, if a person suffers from existential fears and is about to lose their house, then they could only resolve the chakra blockage caused by either creating a reality in which they have enough financial resources and could subsequently keep the house , or he comes to terms with the idea, accepts the circumstance as it is and ends it. Both options would ultimately resolve your own mental chaos and then remove the root chakra blockage. This principle could also be transferred to a person who, for example, has little love for nature and the animal world and tramples on it because of his cold heart. Such a person would then very likely have a closed heart chakra and would only be able to resolve this blockage if he or she would again come to the feeling/realization that it is simply wrong to trample on these worlds, that every life is valuable and should be treated with kindness + respect.

Every person has 7 main chakras (swirl mechanisms), and individual blockages can always be traced back to mental problems/conflicts. In this context, a corresponding blockage also leads to a slowing down of our energetic flow and subsequently promotes the development of diseases (weakened immune system - impairment of the body's own functionalities - damage to the cell environment) 

Well, due to today's daily energy, we should devote ourselves again to our own root chakra today and, if necessary, get to the bottom of our own mental problems regarding this chakra. Otherwise, as always, we recommend going into nature or even eating natural foods. Foods that are tailored to our root chakra are also suitable here. This includes grounding root vegetables, i.e. carrots, beets, potatoes, radishes and kohlrabi. On the other hand, legumes + various oils are also particularly suitable for this. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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