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Today's daily energy on October 25th, 2019 is mainly characterized by a continuing overflowing, potentiating, but above all also realigning energy quality. In this context, new influences are now affecting us again, at least various parameters or circumstances indicate this. Of course, whether the violent black shift of the past week and a half has ended remains to be seen; after all, abnormalities could arise again at any moment, but a corresponding change in direction is indicated.

Change of direction or realignment

As far as this is concerned, we will be able to reach us starting tomorrow (from October 26th to November XNUMXth) a ten-day portal day phase, whereby, on the one hand, we will once again receive really strong influences/impulses in this regard and, on the other hand, the influences of the past shift phase will experience an intensification/consolidation (at least the experiences/processes associated with it). In general, however, the influences will feel completely different and will also have a completely different effect on us, because portal days specifically represent an opening of our mind, a promotion of profound expansions of consciousness and, above all, direct access to our inner world (Portal day: The name says it all, a portal to another world/dimension = level of consciousness is opened, - the veil to our source - YOURSELF - is lifted). And since we reach 10 portal days in a row (impressive), we will see a strong realignment by the end of the month. The transition into November will be extremely powerful and clarifying for this reason (especially since a new moon reaches us on October 28th - renewal/realignment). Well, on the other hand, the realigning energies (different energy quality than before in the “shift phase”) can also be seen from other circumstances. As far as this is concerned, on the one hand the planetary K index (Disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field - solar winds) minor anomalies on (yellow bars), which in the past has often indicated stronger impending solar winds and, on the other hand, strong anomalies, or rather energy surges, have been observed on the planetary resonance frequency diagram (Frequency increases) registered. Energy Rise - Planetary Resonance FrequencyCompared to the Black Shift of the past week and a half, a new quality of energy is now reaching us and we can be curious to see how this will become noticeable. But one thing is certain: an intensification of our perception, a sharpening of our senses, increased sensitivity and, above all, increased access in the coming portal days (an increased expression & manifestation – high impulses – source information) to our source/origin consciousness, we will definitely experience. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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