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Today's daily energy on November 25th, 2019 is shaped on the one hand by the light impulses that are still flowing in and on the other hand by the temporary new moon influences. In this context, a new moon will manifest itself in the zodiac sign Sagittarius tomorrow afternoon, at 16:12 p.m. to be precise. For this reason, a new moon phase is now being initiated (always from new moon to new moon) and the focus is on the manifestation of new views, beliefs, inner orientations and, as a result, new actions that can be carried out (and resulting new programs that become anchored in one's own subconscious over time - reprogramming of one's own subconscious through the daily execution of new actions/routines).

Preliminary new moon influences

Preliminary new moon influencesIn particular, the final clearing of one's own internal interference fields (Conflicts & other unfulfilled parts of us, through which we repeatedly allow ourselves to be torn from our inner balance), is now coming up again in a very special way, at least the new moon will once again catapult us into corresponding states, especially in combination with the prevailing magic, i.e. the influences of the last months of this decade (heading towards the golden decade) the new moon influences increase immensely. Well, ultimately the relationship with ourselves will experience a significant deepening and we will be given further opportunities to heal ourselves or the relationship with ourselves. And that is exactly what the overarching process of spiritual awakening is all about (and especially in the current days), namely about the relationship with ourselves, which in turn wants to be healed. In this context, the external world, or rather a reflection of all external circumstances and all relationships with other people, represents the relationship with ourselves. The more we heal ourselves, the more our connection to the external world comes into harmony/healing and on the other hand, we create additional external circumstances for ourselves that are based on our self-healing.

Day by day the energetic circumstances on our planet become more intense, revealing more and more our current relationship with ourselves. And as we move at high speed towards the coming golden decade, a decade in which not only the full entry into our inner abundance is in the foreground, but also the accompanying creation of a world based on abundance (our maximum light is reflected in the... carried out into the world), all unfulfilled parts are now made clear to us. This boosts our self-healing process tremendously!!

And since we are currently being flooded with very strong light impulses, all of our unfulfillments will be made clear to us, giving us the chance to heal the parts of ourselves that cause us to continually sense lack within ourselves. Well, our own self-healing is more important than ever these days and is changing our entire existence. Because as I said, the more we heal ourselves and, above all, the more we gain self-love, the more magical everything we create on the outside will become. True miracles then arise, are worked through our healed inner world and carried out into the world. With that in mind, enjoy today's temporary New Moon energies and begin to embrace the healing of your relationship with yourself. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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