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With today's daily energy on May 25, 2023, we are receiving the influences of the waxing moon, which is currently in the zodiac sign Cancer and accordingly gives us influences that can make our emotional life much more sensitive. In general, the Cancer Moon combination can even ensure that our female or rather intuitive connection comes to the fore. On the other hand reach us the influences of the sun, which in turn a few days ago (on May 21th) changed to the zodiac sign Gemini and since then has given us a completely new quality of energy. Last but not least, the energy of the sixth day of the portal affects us.

Sun in Gemini zodiac sign

Sun in Gemini zodiac signWith the change of the sun from the zodiac sign Taurus to the zodiac sign Gemini, the time of the Gemini born has begun. Due to the airy energy of the Gemini zodiac sign, we feel a strong inclination towards social activities and enjoy doing something with other people. Special communicative circumstances, a much more pronounced thirst for knowledge and a valuable lively exchange are therefore in the foreground. After all, the ruling planet of the twin zodiac sign is also Mercury. And since Mercury is currently even direct, we can perceive a particularly propelling force in us. Surrendering to the basic aspects of this airy sign can be particularly fruitful or joyful for us now. Otherwise, this constellation can show us our extremes. In this context, the sun always stands for our essence and therefore illuminates aspects of our being. Within the Gemini zodiac sign, which tends to fall into extremes or into two sides or can only decide for something with difficulty, the causes are illuminated, through which we fall into extremes, for example. This time can therefore allow us to be very centered if we are mindful and work successfully on our inner issues.

The sixth portal day

On the other hand, we can currently experience these influences more intensely, because we are now in the energy of the sixth portal day, which generally massively strengthens the overall energy quality. In this context, this energy can also be felt very strongly at the moment. Not only did we get extremely stormy weather conditions in our regions in the last few days (which, by the way, is often the case in such phases), on the other hand, the mood generally feels very restless, charged and also changeable. These are extremely intense days, because all in all we are walking through a large and, above all, open portal, which on the one hand wants to cleanse us and on the other hand leads us into a new state of consciousness. Ultimately, this is always the basic energy of a portal day, meaning we move mentally into a new level and experience a shedding of countless structures, through which our inner space is freed from heaviness. So let's absorb the energy of today's portal day and pay full attention to the voices of life. We are currently receiving an unbelievable amount. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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