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With today's daily energy on March 27, 2023, we are receiving the influence of the waxing moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, which in turn can have an extremely airy and, above all, mood-lifting effect on us. On the other hand, the Sun continues to stand in the sign of Aries, which generally leads us to the manifestation of new beginnings and new ones Circumstances or states of consciousness are adjusted. It is therefore now the best time to draw new strength and, above all, to get out of the darkness into the light. The activation of our inner fire, along with the realization of our true self - these aspects are currently in the foreground.

The "Pluto in Capricorn" time

Pluto in Aquarius - Pure TransformationOn the other hand, other influences also affect us. In particular, a highly magical constellation became manifest a few days ago. On March 23rd, Pluto, i.e. the planet of transformation, changed to the zodiac sign Aquarius after a decade and a half and has been leading completely new structures into change ever since. In this context, Pluto is always accompanied by deep transformation and change of corresponding aspects. In Capricorn, for example, he ensured that structures that corresponded to the norm and, above all, were shaped by the system, experienced a strong transformation and change. Everything that existed was questioned and a large part of the collective or human civilization experienced a fundamental realignment of their own spirit during this time. In particular, one (to certain parts) decoupling from the matrix illusory system. Since that time, the system has increasingly crumbled and its appearance has largely disappeared for many people. Otherwise, the Pluto/Capricorn change was also directly associated with the beginning of the economic crisis at that time (2008) and thereby drew our attention to the instability of the fiat money system and was also made aware of the imminent scenario of a complete global collapse. With the change into Aquarius, however, completely new aspects will now go into the transformation.

Pluto in Aquarius - Pure Transformation

Pluto in Aquarius - Pure TransformationAdmittedly, in the following year Pluto will alternate between Aquarius and Capricorn. Pluto will remain in Aquarius until June 11th, then briefly turn retrograde in Capricorn and then finally enter Aquarius in January 2024 for the next almost 20 years. Nevertheless, his Aquarius energy will have an effect on us for now. In Aquarius, all structures want to be changed, through which a circumstance of bondage is lived out. This constellation will make itself felt above all on a collective level and will lead us in a liberated direction. Accordingly, major changes are initiated. The system, which in turn tries to keep the collective mind under control, will be exposed to the strong urge for freedom of the human collective at this time and there will certainly be great conflicts in this regard.

Pluto makes everything visible

It will just be about the liberation of our self-imposed chains and also about breaking out of the sham system and this circumstance will assume the greatest possible features. In the next few years everything will therefore focus on breaking out of the matrix system. Otherwise, countless truths will also come to light in this regard (Truths regarding why we are/were not free or are being held captive in bondage, for example. How this could happen. People will then recognize). So Pluto generally brings all truths to light. After all, Pluto is also the ruling planet of Scorpio and Scorpio generally always brings everything to the outside. Well then, on the other hand, Aquarius naturally also stands for innovation, for the future, for technology, for community and for friendship. In this regard, we can also experience deep changes and transformation processes. Large technological leaps, for example, will be very likely in this period. This is exactly how we will draw true connections into our lives. Well, overall, Aquarius-Pluto time will usher in major upheavals and align us all completely with freedom. So it will be extremely exciting. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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