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Today's daily energy on March 25, 2018 continues to be shaped by the influences of the moon in the zodiac sign Cancer, which means we could still feel a longing for home, peace and security within us. On the other hand, the “Cancer Moon” could make us quite helpful and let us express our own imagination. A certain dreaminess and also a more pronounced inner life (we could be much more empathetic) can be the result of a moon in the zodiac sign Cancer.

Difficult Sun/Mars square

Difficult Sun/Mars squareUltimately, these influences will last until tomorrow, from then on the moon will rule again in the zodiac sign Leo, which is why we will have greater self-confidence, dominance and also an external orientation. Until then, we will still feel the effects of the Cancer Moon, which is why we should surrender to its influences. Ultimately, that wouldn't be a bad thing, because since yesterday a disharmonious constellation, namely a square (disharmonic angular relationship - 90°) between the Sun and Mars (in the zodiac sign Capricorn), is still affecting us, which could make us significantly more irritable. This square could also cause us to get drawn into arguments and react quite emotionally to circumstances. For this reason, we should remain calm and avoid corresponding conflict situations. But if things get stormy, then we should at least smooth things over afterwards and take advantage of the conflict-filled situation. In this context, every conflict has a certain benefit for us and in appropriate moments not only shows us our own lack of empathy or loving side, but also a psychological conflict on our part, because otherwise we would be different or, better said, peaceful way to respond to the conflict.

Conflictual living conditions or even dark times also serve our own spiritual development and usually lead, at least after they have been mastered, to new, more harmonious living conditions..!!

On the other hand, the energy discharge in the event of a serious conflict or argument can, usually afterwards, create a completely new circumstance. When it comes to this, problems are often pushed aside and not addressed. Over time, negative feelings build up until they are discharged - which can then be beneficial, simply because you can express your problems.

Four more lunar constellations

Difficult Sun/Mars square Of course, this happens in an unpleasant way and we should always practice remaining calm, even in such moments, but such situations can still benefit us. Well, apart from that, four more lunar constellations reach us today, three of which are disharmonious and one harmonious. As early as 00:37 a.m., an opposition (disharmonious angular relationship - 180°) between the Moon and Saturn (in the zodiac sign Capricorn) took effect, which meant that we could suffer from mood depression during the night. A tendency to melancholy and a general dissatisfaction could also have become noticeable. At 11:51 a.m. a trine (harmonic angular relationship 120°) between the Moon and Neptune (in the zodiac sign Pisces) came into effect, which means that in the morning we have a good mind, an impressive spirit, a strong imagination and also good empathy could. At 14:53 p.m. things get a little more critical again because then a square between the Moon and Mercury (in the zodiac sign Aries) comes into effect, which could cause us to act quite superficially and inconsistently. On the other hand, this situation means we can't take the truth too seriously. Last but not least, another opposition reaches us at 22:40 p.m., namely between the Moon and Pluto (in the zodiac sign Capricorn), which could cause us to experience a one-sided and extreme emotional life late in the evening.

Today's daily energy is shaped by influences that are generally rather disharmonious in nature, which is why we should definitely be careful..!!

Severe inhibitions, depression and self-indulgence of a lower kind could also result. Ultimately, what we are seeing today are mostly disharmonious lunar constellations, all of which bring with them a certain potential for conflict. For this reason, we should be careful in our actions and avoid critical situations. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Moon Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/Maerz/25

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