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daily energy

Today's daily energy stands for our own urge to move and is therefore an expression of the power of movement. In exactly the same way, today's daily energy also stands for our own motivation, for our own urge to finally realize things that we may have been putting off for a long time. It is therefore also about changing one's own deadlocked daily routines and structures, which are now changing. So today, more easily than ever, we can get into a new rhythm and initiate fundamental changes in our own reality.

Initiation of change

Initiation of changeUltimately, this is also very noticeable in our everyday lives. This is also very noticeable for me and my brother, who recently moved back in with us due to a separation. So today, after a long time, we have stopped smoking again, have now changed our own diet and are pulling together. In this regard, it has always been important to us that we eat as naturally as possible. This included, for example, avoiding all finished products, soft drinks, sweets and other foods that were chemically contaminated (keyword: alkaline diet - cures all diseases) and for us personally also avoiding all animal proteins and fats. In this context, animal proteins also have acid-forming amino acids, which in turn acidify our own cell environment and promote the development of diseases (no disease can exist, let alone develop/thrive, in an alkaline and oxygen-rich cell environment). In exactly the same way, all of the animal's information flows into meat. If an animal suffered a lot before being slaughtered, was fearful and had other negative emotions, then all of these negative energies flow into the meat and we then absorb it when we consume it. For that matter, one can also assume that almost all meat has such negative energies/information, since in today's world there are factory farms and other questionable animal treatment (You raise an animal just to slaughter it at some point. Even if Many people don't trust animals to do that, but they sense their own intentions, their own charisma in this regard) are common practice (after all, we hardly eat meat at all anymore - but the other part wasn't quite right yet).

Today's daily energy represents our own urge for change, for initiation, for our own personal breakthroughs. Therefore, use the power of today and create a life again that is in harmony with your own spiritual desires..!!

Of course, I don't want to deny anyone their meat consumption here, because every person has to decide for themselves what they eat and, above all, how they live (live and let live). Ultimately, this is just our personal view and we definitely don't want to force it on anyone. Well, somehow today is a day when such changes are the order of the day and for this reason we can change a lot in our own lives. Therefore, use the energy of today and initiate changes that you may have been longing for for a long time. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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