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With today's daily energy article I will not only address today's moon influence, but also take up the energies and cosmic positions of the last few days. In this regard, I have been traveling continuously for the last 9 days, which is why I have not been able to publish new articles and corresponding updates. But a lot happens within the nine days happened and I will now take up a large part of it in the following lines. In general, one can say that we have achieved a driving energy quality.

The cosmic positions of the last days

The cosmic positions of the last daysSo at the beginning, i.e. on January 18th, Mercury in the zodiac sign Capricorn became direct again. Due to its directness, we have entered a phase in which we can open up many new ways of communication. In the same way, a quality has dawned in which it is wise to make important decisions, sign contracts and implement plans - especially plans that go hand in hand with changing existing dogmatic structures and systems. With calm, thoughtfulness, and grounding, we can bring a lot of firmness and calm into our circumstances. In general, direct Mercury therefore has a very positive effect on our current living conditions and gives us momentum. And since Mars is direct again a few days before or even all planets are currently direct (Article on this will follow), we find ourselves in an extremely forward-driving energy.

Aquarius SEASON

Then, on January 20th, the sun moved from the sign of Capricorn to the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Thus, the special Aquarius season was initiated again. It is at the dawn of deep winter that our essence is illuminated. Above all, the manifestation of a state is triggered in which we would like to experience freedom, independence, limitlessness and a certain detachment. Any shackles on our part come to light and we are allowed to look at aspects in which we consider ourselves severely limited. On the other hand, it is about the development of our individual expression, about the questioning of existing systems of domination and also about the manifestation of our own individuality. In this context, Aquarius always stands for our inner freedom, i.e. for breaking through limiting patterns, for innovation, invention, overcoming old systems, friendship and community. And since the sun represents our essence, it illuminates all of our inner programs through which we still keep ourselves limited and in a bonded state. It's about figuring out what we really want in life and being able to reinvent ourselves as a result (the manifestation of a new self-image).

New moon in Aquarius

daily energy

Exactly one day later, on January 21st, an extremely renewing new moon reached us in the zodiac sign Aquarius. The energy of the new moon went hand in hand with a strong inner realignment, which above all could show us what kind of life we ​​would like to experience and, above all, what a liberated life looks like on our part. It was therefore about overcoming the old and also about creating an emotional state based on independence. The moon itself, which not only stands for our emotional life but also for what is hidden, could help us, especially in combination with the Aquarius sun (double Aquarian energy), show our entangled topics and emotional worlds. Where have we still kept ourselves limited and by which feelings do we let ourselves be dominated or robbed of our own freedom? The manifestation of a liberated or freedom-based emotional world was completely in the foreground.

Uranus became direct

Exactly one day later, on January 22nd, Uranus slowly but surely returned to direct motion. Since then, the ruling planet of Aquarius has ensured that we want to break through earthly boundaries and let our own spirit expand in a new direction. It is about the manifestation of our individual freedom, about creating a lot of freedom, about personal innovations and also about the renewal of our own system. Major changes can also be experienced in its direct flow. We are revolutionary and do not shy away from change. From a collective perspective, direct Uranus also prepares us for the abolition of existing apparent structures.

The lunar cycle begins again

The lunar cycle begins againWell, apart from that, we also received other exciting events, for which I will write separate daily energy articles in the next few days. Ultimately, however, we can state that in the current days personal and collective freedom is completely in the foreground. The blowing up of all our self-imposed limits is illuminated in a variety of ways and it is truly about the expansion of our own consciousness into completely new spheres of independence. Well and fittingly, the lunar cycle begins again today, because at 19:54 p.m. the moon changes from the zodiac sign Pisces to the zodiac sign Aries. This will once again initiate a new rhythm that will once again lead us through the 12 signs of the zodiac. Starting with Aries, our emotional life can become fiery. Along with all direct planets, this results in a powerful combination that will be the focus of our personal take-off. In addition, the beginning of a new lunar cycle is generally accompanied by an energy of new beginnings, which encourages us to manifest new circumstances. So let us embrace today's energies and emulate nature. The new wants to be initiated. But well, finally I refer again to the latest video or reading on my part, in which I went into the renewal of all our cells. If you would like to watch the video, it is, as always, embedded below this section. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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