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Today's daily energy on January 25, 2021 brings us the energies of the waxing moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, which in turn will move into the zodiac sign Cancer at 19:49 p.m. (Element Water & Souls/Family Life, Tranquility, Reverie, Imagination, Domesticity) changes and stays there until just before the coming full moon and on the other side of the preliminary influences of tomorrow's portal day (the fourth and final one this month). Added to this are the still active storm energies and also the still existing winter/cold energies.

The path to growth

The path to blossomingIn this context, we are experiencing the last days/weeks of the cold season, which will slowly change towards spring, i.e. towards growth and blossoming. The days are getting longer again and the darkness will lighten more and more. At this point I have already pointed out that the annual cycles can also be transferred to our personal experiences, to our inner world and consequently also to the external, perceptible world. For many, the coming days and weeks were extremely dark in this regard, although in the end they only marked the illuminating light that was difficult to perceive but was nevertheless completely present. But now, with the slowly but surely beginning of the transition into the next annual cycle, which marks its climax at the astrological start of the year around March 20th, we are becoming increasingly noticeable due to the currently extremely high energy quality (whereby the energy/significance of the cycle changes are even more present or become even more noticeable in personal and, above all, in world events), experience special revelations and breakthroughs (especially since the matrix, which is collapsing more and more, no longer allows anything else). And of course, before that we experience the last icy weeks, from which we can continue to draw a lot of peace and strength. While it is still getting dark early and the cold is drawing us into retreat or into our inner world, we can do a lot for the world even within meditative states, i.e. we can restructure our own minds and thereby lay an important foundation for the coming months put, because like yesterday Daily Energy Article addressed, we can COMPLETELY change THE ENTIRE WORLD just by changing our self-image.

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And with this it is also important that in the coming days and weeks, for the benefit of our own mind/body/soul system and for the benefit of the world, we achieve basic trust and, above all, a harmonious spiritual alignment, which will result in a positive transformation of the world is initiated. The last days of January and especially February will continue to be characterized by icy/cool days, but also by the returning light (more sun – longer days) embossed. A lot of things will automatically build up/bundle in the background and then discharge in the next cycle, within this year. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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