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Today's daily energy on January 25, 2020 will be shaped on the one hand by the lingering influences of yesterday's new moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius and on the other hand by portal day influences, because today is a portal day. For this reason, the prevailing quality of energy will continue to guide us even deeper into our own divinity and also challenge us to to dissolve all our resistances and rejections (All resistance and rejections from outside merely reflect the rejection of ourselves - aspects of our being that we, as creators, reject), which makes us significantly more open, receptive and free.

Dissolve all resistance

Dissolve all resistanceThis is where the self-love already mentioned in yesterday's article comes into play, because instead of rejecting ourselves or even rejecting external circumstances (which, as I said, only represents rejection aspects on our part - because we ourselves have not only created everything on the outside, but are everything on the outside - the entire perceivable existence is ONLY within ourselves - WE ARE EVERYTHING), it is important to put aside all resistance and start loving what we have created for ourselves, as incredibly difficult as that may be in many situations. Basically, we release self-imposed blockages because we begin to accept the external world, i.e. ourselves, and in this way we experience acceptance on the outside instead of rejection (and that refers to EVERYTHING that is rejected, whether illnesses, the system, other people, etc.). We always attract the circumstances outside that correspond to our inner world and the more we reject ourselves, the more we experience rejection outside and vice versa.

Attract abundance instead of lack

And a corresponding rejection in turn only represents lack and separateness (whereby we experience increased lack and rejection). We do not feel one with everything, but rather see ourselves as separate from the outside world (““That doesn’t correspond to my inner world, I reject that,” – although what is rejected takes place within your own world, – represents yourself). For this reason, love for everything (to ourselves outside), especially when it comes to things that we internally reject.

Only when we walk in love and begin to love the external world with all its shadows, i.e. when we begin to love ourselves completely and do not see ourselves as separate from external circumstances, the more love and, above all, abundance we attract our life. The alignment of our inner world is constantly potentiating itself and attracts corresponding worlds/feelings/circumstances based on our own potentiation. So choose what you want to experience for yourself. If you reject the world/yourself, you will only experience further rejection/lack! If you love yourself/the world, you attract more love/abundance..!!

Because the more circumstances we wrap in love on the outside, yes, truly and completely sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts, accept and love, the more love we attract in our lives. And only when we accept previously rejected ideas/wrap them in love (Because they are all just ideas that arise from ourselves - projections on the outside), we create the possibility that circumstances change within our imagination (The moment we begin to love what we previously rejected, we have changed our imagination). Ultimately, our love is the key to completely changing everything on the outside.

Permanently experiencing abundance and love – changing the world

The more we love the external world and consequently love ourselves, the more everything outside changes and, above all, the more circumstances based on abundance and love we attract (LOVE IS FULLNESS & FULLNESS IS LOVE). And because of the intense prevailing quality of energy, because of the golden decade that has begun, we will now learn more and more to internalize this fundamental principle. The biggest realignment of all is taking place and everything is being brought back into the light. Therefore, use today's daily energy/portal day and begin to transform your ideas. The key to experiencing maximum abundance lies within yourself. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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