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Today's daily energy on February 25, 2020 is characterized by the ongoing and, above all, in no way flattening transformation energy and is therefore still accompanied by a process of change that affects our own existence raises us to a completely new level and fully recharges us energetically in keeping with the golden decade. The weather is still stormy and the prevailing frequency is extremely high.

Acceleration of the change process

Acceleration of the change processUltimately, we are experiencing an incredible acceleration within the collective ascension and the number of people who are beginning to question life and all the structures that come with it and are subsequently gaining deep insights into their true being is becoming larger and larger. In the current days, especially now since the 2-2-2-2 portals (February 2, February 20 and February 22) new high-energy or consciousness-changing waves were simply released and these strong energetic inflows simply greatly favor an argument and confrontation with the relevant knowledge. And in this context, these waves have not flattened out in any way, instead we are in the middle of their impact, which is why the weather is still stormy in nature (Cleansing our earth - the weather perfectly reflects the energetic circumstances).

Accelerated processes

The phase of awakening has become completely comprehensive and we experience a resulting acceleration on all levels of existence, be it an acceleration in the manifestation of our own ideas, i.e. the ideas that we keep manifest in our mind and subconscious become increasingly manifest in our lives , be it an increased transformation towards a high-frequency reality (you are literally drawn into the light) or even an increased confrontation with one's own deep-seated wounds (to create a clarified and liberated inner state). Everything is evolving extremely quickly (Even visible in technologies and technological progress - everything is becoming finer, more precise, more accurate, more powerful, etc. - look at e.g. Take a look at the cell phones of that time or even the first smartphones and compare them with today's smartphones - the designs have become much more refined and the technology has made incredible leaps, especially in terms of performance - everything is becoming more refined with the change) and we ourselves can absorb and process an incredible amount of information in a very short space of time and, as a result, expand our minds in new directions at an incredible speed.

God's Mindset

Now and because of all these incredibly accelerated processes, it is becoming increasingly important that we completely change our own self-image in a positive way. As already mentioned very often, the events and circumstances that we attract into our lives are always based on the image we have of ourselves (and consequently from the world & vice versa - oneself is the external world) have. A positive self-image attracts positive circumstances. If you are happy, love yourself and feel fullness within yourself, then you will attract this into your life in a strengthened and potentiated way - this is how wish fulfillment/the law of resonance works (If you only feel lack within yourself, then that will bring further lack - There is no way to be happy - being happy is the way). This is why God self-knowledge is so incredibly powerful, because by rooting the highest self-image in our own reality, we create a reality for ourselves in which we attract circumstances that are based on our inner sensed divinity. And it is precisely here that we have a powerful key to be able to ascend completely ourselves, because the self-image of God goes beyond all self-imposed limits and can completely liberate oneself. You have allowed the maximum image to become manifest within yourself and are no longer subject to any mental limits. You know that everything is possible and that you have created everything yourself - because everything is based ONLY on your own imagination, since everything outside is you. So let us take advantage of the current high energy wave and revive this highest image of ourselves. This will bring about incredibly positive changes within a very short period of time, it is inevitable. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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