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Today's daily energy on February 25, 2018 brings us influences that could make us very passionate, relaxed and happy about life. On the other hand, we could also feel a penchant for mysticism or even topics with a mystical touch and, as a result, be very dreamy. The moon, which is around, is also a special feature At 04:05 a.m. the zodiac sign changed to Cancer, thereby supporting the development of the pleasant aspects of life. Otherwise, the Cancer Moon could also trigger a longing for home and also for peace and security in us.

Moon in the zodiac sign Cancer

Moon in the zodiac sign CancerUltimately, today is the perfect day to relax and, above all, to develop new soul strengths/recharge your batteries. Otherwise, we could also be quite sensual and, as already mentioned, very passionate, at least at lunchtime, because then at 13:01 p.m. a square between Venus (in the zodiac sign Pisces) and Mars (in the zodiac sign Sagittarius) reaches us, but on the other hand could also bring influences that represent irritability and disharmony. At 13:25 p.m. a conjunction between Mercury (in the zodiac sign Pisces) and Neptune (in the zodiac sign Pisces) takes effect, which makes us very dreamy overall and, as already mentioned before, triggers a penchant for mysticism in us. This constellation lasts for a whole day, which is why it has a lasting effect on us today, parallel to the influences of the Cancer Moon. At 15:39 p.m. a harmonious constellation reaches us, namely a trine between the sun and moon, which could bring us happiness in general, success in life, vitality and a harmonious time within the family, at least if we get involved in the corresponding energies (something which basically applies to all constellations). Twelve minutes later, at 15:51 p.m. to be precise, a disharmonious constellation reaches us, namely an opposition between the Moon and Saturn (in the zodiac sign Capricorn), which represents emotional depression, restriction and melancholy and as a result, at least when we Overall, which are very negative at this time, are not of any benefit. Last but not least, at 18:45 p.m. a sextile between the Sun and Saturn reaches us, which is firstly effective for 2-3 days and secondly gives us great stability, steadiness, sobriety and more pronounced self-control.

Today's daily energy is accompanied by very different constellations, but influences stand out that could make us persistent, calm and dreamy, which is why today is definitely suitable for retreating a little and recovering..!!

Work could therefore be carried out with persistence. At the end of the day, very different influences reach us today, but what stands out above all are the moon in the zodiac sign Cancer, the sextile between the sun and Saturn and also the conjunction between Mercury and Neptune, especially since their influences are permanently effective (or . last throughout today). With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/Februar/25

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