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Today's daily energy on April 25, 2019 is still characterized by an energy quality or a basic mood that is entirely dedicated to our own self-realization (fully realize yourself, become aware of your own limitless potential, – create the best version of yourself). We can continue to tune into a completely high-frequency reality and make all of our dreams come true (push your own boundaries).

Pluto has gone retrograde

Pluto has gone retrogradeAfter all, the times in which we were permanently and, above all, continuously subject to 3D structures (inner conflicts, sustainable structures, dependencies, small ideas about yourself) are to end completely, because more and more 5D structures are being integrated in the background or in the planetary resonance field. For this reason, there is extreme acceleration and all processes are carried out at an incredible or unprecedented speed. A massive development therefore takes place in which we free ourselves from all destructive patterns and ideas at an incredible speed. We can now achieve the unimaginable and experience/initiate an enormous quantum leap. From day to day our own work becomes more important and becomes increasingly more intense. And as the effects of our own actions become ever stronger (accelerated manifestation potential) it is also becoming increasingly important to bring our own actions into harmony with our emotional desires. Well then, otherwise I would like to point out Pluto again, which again appeared yesterday (at 11: 01 clock) declined. In this context, each planet brings with it its individual energetic potential and symbolizes a wide variety of aspects. In particular, the position or the distance from the earth allows corresponding influences to become more apparent. The same applies to the “direction/movement” (viewed from earth) of a planet. Retrograde planets are often associated with the creation of circumstances, which in turn should be illuminated on our part (due to a conflict – settlement), but often also with topics that are now becoming more relevant to us or should become more relevant. In this regard, Pluto is associated with transformation, which is why it is often referred to as the transformation planet. He also stands for transience, change, shadows and deep fears (overcoming), transitions and living out one's own intellectual potential.

Love and compassion are the foundations for world peace - on all levels. – Dalai Lama..!!

Ultimately, retrograde Pluto could transport all of our patterns/ideas that have been unfulfilled for months or even years into our own day-to-day consciousness, allowing us to bring about a corresponding change if we feel ready for it. It is now increasingly about resolving our own conflicts and destructive structures. And since the current energy quality is generally very stormy (magic) and literally calls on us to initiate a transition into 5D, retrograde Pluto actually comes in very handy for us. As I said, everything is under the sign of change and we can now achieve great things. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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