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Today's daily energy on September 24th, 2020 will be shaped on the one hand by new lunar influences, because the moon changed to the zodiac sign Capricorn at 01:13 a.m. (Earth signs: grounded, rooted, efficient, conscientious, responsible, eager to implement, - opposite moods in turn represent internal conflicts and blockages, which Capricorn shows us in appropriate situations to clear up) and on the other side from the lingering influences of the equinox, the overarching collective spin increase (lightbody - acceleration), the darker season that has begun and especially from the huge influences of the currently very acute overarching awakening.


The mere fact or circumstance that new boundaries are being broken by the collective every day and that awakening is taking huge leaps, especially in the current days, i.e. that such a large number of people have started their own lives, along with all structures and patterns questioning it, especially on this scale, simply makes the current energy quality EXPLODE. The acceleration and, above all, the transformation towards a fully awakened divine civilization is also becoming more and more unstoppable. We are all currently moving through an energetic storm that has reached a completely new level, especially in September, and is sweeping away everything old, or rather all 3D-based structures. The current journey therefore takes us into a completely new realm, i.e. into a completely new spiritual state, and today will also continue very strongly from this (In keeping with this, every day currently feels like a unique journey. Be it the mood, the atmosphere, the circumstances, everything is magical. And when you then look back on the last few days, you feel how unique these days and, above all, your own spirit in interaction with these days were. In the same way, changes have a much stronger impact. No day is your own mind the same. The leaps that are made can hardly be put into words. There are daily quantum jumps and time travel that take place within our minds).

→ Prepare for what is to come. Learn to take care of yourself and use the HEALING POWER of nature. A detailed INSTRUCTIONS for collecting medicinal plants. Maximum closeness to nature!

In this context, we still receive very noticeable and rare anomalies regarding the planetary resonance frequency (see second picture).

Resonance frequency jumps

In exactly the same way, light solar winds and slight fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field were recorded yesterday. As has often been mentioned and, above all, experienced, light winds always indicate impending strong solar winds/solar storms. We can therefore be curious to see whether we can expect stronger eruptions in the coming days. The same generally applies to events, twists, events, coincidences and special moments. The current days hold endless potential for us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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