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daily energy

The daily energy of today stands for our own EGO-based control mechanisms, for recognizing our own shadow parts and their treatment/transformation/redemption. As a result, today's daily energy also stands for the creation of a state of consciousness, in which there are no longer any stresses, i.e. mental stresses, which in turn stand in the way of our own harmonious prosperity.

Let go of stress - create balance

Let go of burdens - create balanceUltimately, it is our own EGO-based control mechanisms, our negatively oriented programs, that often prevent us from creating a positive/harmonious/balanced reality. In this context, our future path in life ultimately depends on the orientation of our own mind. In this regard, a positive mind also attracts positive circumstances into one's life. A negatively oriented mind in turn attracts negative life circumstances into one's own life (one could also speak of energetically dense and energetically light life circumstances, because what is positive or even negative in nature is, as we know, in the eye of the beholder - positivity/negativity are merely aspects of our dualitarian existence). The orientation of our mind is always influenced by our own subconscious. The more negative programs a person has in this regard (negative programs = negative/destructive behaviors, beliefs, convictions, etc.), the more difficult it becomes to maintain a positive mental orientation in the long term, because our destructive programs keep leading us to our own shadows in front of our eyes, preventing us from shifting our focus to creating a positive reality. For this reason, it is important to gradually recognize your own shadow parts, your own karmic entanglements and other mental blockages, to deal with them, to accept them in order to then gradually be able to dissolve/redeem your own shadows. In this context, you can only let go of/release negative parts when you return to a state of acceptance.

By repressing our own shadow parts, we ultimately only prevent the development of our own positive parts and keep ourselves trapped in a self-imposed vicious cycle..!! 

For this reason, use today's daily energy and, if necessary, deal with your own shadow parts. Go deep within yourself and ask yourself why, firstly, you cannot accept these parts, secondly, how you could accept them again and thirdly, how you can let go of this “shadow circumstance”. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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