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Today's daily energy on October 24, 2017 continues to be in a portal day series, in fact the ninth portal day of a 10 day series. For this reason, our planet is currently experiencing a consistent increase in its own vibration frequency, which ultimately also leads to a massive further development of the collective state of consciousness. We humans are gradually dealing with our own shadow parts, with our own negative programs, i.e. sustainable habits, behavior and other discrepancies, in order to be able to realize a state of consciousness in which positive thoughts and emotions find their place again.

The ninth portal day

The ninth portal dayIn this context, the increase in the planetary vibration frequency simply leads to a confrontation with all self-imposed shadow parts. All the things that have not yet been clarified, all the unresolved mental blockages and discrepancies, which may even be anchored deep in our own subconscious, are just waiting to be clarified/redeemed by us humans so that we can then linger permanently in a high vibration frequency, can be made possible. Otherwise, we always stand in the way of our own self-realization and block our own mental + emotional development. As I mentioned in yesterday's article on the subject of self-control, we always deprive ourselves of our own freedom to a certain extent, simply because we allow ourselves to be dominated again and again at certain moments by our own mental discrepancies . We cannot then remain permanently in a high frequency, cannot permanently live in a "space" in which harmony + peace arises, because we then simply keep ourselves trapped in a negatively aligned mental state far too often. For this reason, clarification takes place again and again in the process of spiritual awakening. All our shadows are being washed up to our surface to be redeemed. Of course, this process can also lead to quarrels and other conflicts, but this is also absolutely necessary for the purification of one's own mind/body/spirit system (not the quarrel itself, but the subsequent clarification, which also leads to redemption can).

Due to the newly started cosmic cycle and the associated increase in the planetary vibration frequency, there is a drastic further development of the collective state of consciousness, which inevitably leads to a confrontation with one's own unredeemed parts..!!

Well then, due to today's extremely high vibrational circumstances (the value has been reaching new peak values ​​again and again for the past 4 days, the value has increased again today), we can certainly assume that these explosive thrusts, also definitely our own unredeemed shadow parts, will return be catapulted to our surface or into our day-consciousness. Of course, discrepancies can arise as a result, but we should also be aware in such moments that all this only serves our own further development. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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