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Today's daily energy on November 24th, 2019 is mainly characterized by strong energetic influences and, above all, by the increasing energies in the last two months of this decade, which is why we are still, like the day before yesterday Daily Energy Article mentioned, an extremely transformative circumstance is imminent. And by transformation I particularly refer to the circumstances on our part, which are still accompanied by a corresponding unfulfillment.

The greatest healing phase ever

MagicIt is precisely these circumstances/conditions, which are also often referred to as so-called primal programs, ancient mental wounds and old, ancient unfulfilled patterns, that are currently undergoing the greatest healing of all. In this context, our planet will be shaped by the greatest possible light impulses during the transition into the golden decade. This ancient light, which was already predicted for this time by earlier advanced civilizations, is currently reaching our planet. Basically, this inflow process has been going on for several years, actually for two decades, but the phase has now come in which the inflow of light is strongest. For this reason, our planet and the humanity on it are in the greatest healing process of all. All disharmonious, destructive structures based on ignorance, fear and shadows are therefore being changed and the new/high-frequency is making its way to us. A new world is about to become manifest within ourselves - a world based on healing. And this healing or light is currently at its peak, which is why we are being asked more strongly than ever before to cleanse any shadow-heavy circumstances on our part.

We are all currently going through the greatest possible healing process of all, which is why we are in the process of freeing ourselves from all shadow structures. It is a comprehensive transformation through which we not only find ourselves completely back to ourselves or our true, abundance-based self, but we also, along with it, revive a reality in which we are no longer subject to disharmonious aspects. We achieve balance and thereby prepare ourselves perfectly for the coming golden decade..!! 

Even if we are still confronted with extremely intense and stressful circumstances (and even if everything in the world/outside is currently coming to a head), these are all signs that we ourselves are transitioning completely into healing. Well, ultimately today will also follow this cycle or this escalation. The incoming light completely realigns our mind/body/spirit system and makes visible everything in us that now wants to come true. Let us therefore accept the light or the strong incoming energetic influences and complete our own inner transformation process. The final two months of this decade are heading towards completion in this regard and more strongly than ever before. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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