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Today's daily energy on November 24, 2017 stands for access to the core of things and can therefore also act as a force of initiation and inspiration. For this reason, today's daily energy could also act like a kind of birth, i.e. a birth that encompasses all aspects of our being and will gift us with new views and insights regarding life. On the other hand, today's daily energy also supports us in our intention to unconditionally engage with our lives.

Take action

Take actionUltimately, our actions are now required. It is becoming increasingly important that we get back into active action and no longer put off certain activities or even other important matters. Be it a corresponding email that should have been sent for a long time but have always been avoided by us, be it the long-standing urge to do sports or even eat better, something that has always been pushed back and forth , or even be it freeing ourselves from sustainable life situations, from unsatisfactory workplace situations or relationships from which we cannot free ourselves. The liberation from one's own sustainable living patterns is now becoming more and more important and could also come to a conclusion due to today's daily energy. In this regard, it is also extremely important that we don't keep pushing such matters back and forth, but that over time we grow beyond ourselves, that we jump over our own shadow and finally initiate appropriate changes again. Otherwise, we live out mental blockages every day, deceive ourselves in a certain way and, due to this mental imbalance, also promote the development of physical or even mental illnesses. For this reason, it is now time to finally take action. Take advantage of today's energetic circumstances and therefore create a life that is no longer accompanied by such inconsistencies.

Due to today's daily energy, we should definitely keep in mind what we have been putting off for a long time and should then get back into action and initiate appropriate implementation..!!

Well, apart from that, today's daily energy is still shaped by a moon, which in turn is in the zodiac sign Aquarius. Ultimately, this Aquarius Moon could also make us open to everything unusual and still stands for our relationships with friends, for brotherhood and a penchant for social issues that could subsequently affect us much more quickly. On the other hand, towards the late afternoon the moon forms a square with Jupiter (hard tension aspect from 16:55 p.m.), which can ultimately lead to us being prone to extravagance and, above all, to wastefulness. If you don't want to spend too much money at the moment for this reason, you should definitely be careful of this square. Conflicts and disadvantages could arise in love relationships. Otherwise there isn't too much going on in today's sky and no other star constellations reach us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellation Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2017/November/24

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