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Do you feel it, the changes that are currently taking place? The unimagined and limitless potential that is released in us, the elemental force that penetrates every cell of our intelligent system and leads us into dimensions that we previously from the way we felt, we wouldn't have even imagined him to our wildest dreams?

The time for the “shift” has come

The time for the “shift” has comeSomething wonderful, something great, yes, something completely unique is currently taking place and an energy discharge & energy recharge is taking place that is completely changing our entire existential expression. It is the essence of our true primal being that is now fully awakening and comes with an unimagined power. There is a “shift” taking place in the background that catapults a large part of humanity into a completely new level of existence, a level accompanied by the development of our complete heart energy, along with the manifestation of our maximum self-love. Our hearts are completely opened and we enter an area that will forever shape our existence in a positive way. Divine ecstasy, bliss, strength, determination, wisdom, abundance, all of this is now crystallizing and we are rewarded for our work, for finding our way back to our true self, to our primal energy. We have achieved incredible things, massively increasing the frequency of the collective consciousness through our actions, our words and our dedication. All these self-initiated changes, all the associated accumulated energies (positive karma) are now released and we suddenly manifest the most extraordinary, yet wonderful circumstances in our lives. The return to our original source manifests itself externally and we reap the fruits of our long-term sacrifice, our long-term journey towards ourselves (to our source, to our self-love, to our true strength - the limitless potential that has always existed). I've never felt it so strongly in my entire life, it's the most extraordinary experience ever. Healing on all levels of existence. Healing for our entire system. Such a violent transformation has never taken place before and we can now truly achieve/experience great things.

When the mind is completely absorbed in something, it will lose some of its fear. Only when he is absorbed in love and the knowledge of the divine source will he lose all fear. – Aldous Huxley..!!

Incredible processes are going on in the background and due to our recollection (which many people go through - the Completion of our championship & our inner world reaches the entire world, we are connected to everything, - since we created/created everything) we light a fire that reaches all other people/creators. For this reason, the energy of our planet or the frequency of the collective state of consciousness is increasing every day, it cannot be otherwise, simply because more and more people are awakening and increasing their frequency, changing their energy. Today (which, by the way, just like yesterday, represents a portal day) is therefore, similar to yesterday, entirely under the sign of our mastery and also entirely under the sign of our return to the original source (oneself) stand. Friends, the current potential is indescribably great and the most magical moments of all are taking place. Let us therefore tune into the frequency and fully immerse ourselves in our original source, based on healing. The best conditions prevail. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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    • Beatrice 24. May 2019, 8: 37

      God greetings Padre, yes I ask from the bottom of my heart for my angel's message, thank you very much Beatrice

    Beatrice 24. May 2019, 8: 37

    God greetings Padre, yes I ask from the bottom of my heart for my angel's message, thank you very much Beatrice