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After yesterday's intensive new moon and the associated, renewing energies, which were partly able to provide a lot of new input regarding our future path in life, things are a little calmer in comparison - even if the energetic milieu as a whole is still more stormy nature is. Today's daily energy also stands for the power of the community, the power of the family and is therefore also an expression of cohesion. For this reason, we shouldn't take on too much today, instead trust our inner voice and devote ourselves to our families. In this context, friends and family are also irreplaceable, essential relationships, bonds that must always be nurtured.

Still stormy environment

Still stormy environmentThe Moon in Leo is now back in its waxing phase, opening us up to manifest the realignment of our own spirit. In that regard, the alignment of our own mind, our own state of consciousness is also very important when it comes to the further course of our own lives. In this regard, only from a positively aligned mind can a positive reality arise. Conversely, a negatively aligned mind arises, i.e. a state of consciousness that is associated with lack and co. resonates, a negative reality emerges (there is no universal reality, as each person is the creator of their own reality, which is why one does not see the world as it is, but as one is oneself). For this reason, the quality of our own thoughts is also crucial for our own prosperity. If we allow ourselves to be permanently dominated by fears and other negative feelings, this ultimately also reduces the potential of our own mental abilities. We then feel paralyzed as a result and are unable to actively work on realizing a life that in turn completely corresponds to our own ideas. Therefore, we should now start restructuring our own subconscious again, because after all, all negative programs + conditioning are anchored in our subconscious. The current high vibration frequencies definitely favor this step. Of course, other instances try to mitigate the effects of cosmic radiation.

For countless years, our weather has been deliberately manipulated to fulfill a wide variety of purposes. But anyone who draws attention to this will be severely demonized, pilloried and deliberately defamed as a spider or even a "conspiracy theorist"..!!

For example, there is the Haarp (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), powerful systems that are used to manipulate the weather in a targeted manner. In the mass media, of course, all people who draw attention to Haarp are massively attacked and tried with all their might to make them ridiculous. That's just the tactic of the synchronized media in order to be able to specifically denounce content that could be dangerous for the system (whatever should make you think). In particular, on days when there is a high energetic environment, huge carpets of clouds + storms are generated, which in turn are supposed to soften all the high frequencies. This is why the weather has been so crazy in recent years. That's why we've had so many thunderstorms in the last few weeks (even tornado warnings are going out more often now, TORNADOS IN GERMANY, SERIOUSLY and they should suddenly, after all these years, just happen naturally in Germany....? ??).

Every day we can make new choices, every day we can change the alignment of our own state of consciousness and start again to create a positive reality..!!

Exactly, countless severe weather warnings went out again today. We also had a thunderstorm, and that although it had become very cool again since yesterday and it was cloudy all the time - you just feel that it is not normal or of natural origin, that something is wrong with it. Well then, we shouldn't let that discourage us and instead use today's energy of the day + take positive advantage of all the incoming energies. A restructuring of our own subconscious can be realized at any time and it only depends on each person when and how he accomplishes such a reprogramming. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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