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Today's daily energy on January 24th, 2022 marks the beginning of a ten-day portal day phase, meaning that from today on we will enter an energetically very strong and, above all, valuable phase. Until February 02nd, we will pass through a wide open portal through which we can once again experience a powerful change in our own current mental state. It's ultimately ten days one after the other, in which we can once again embark on a great journey, a journey that will lead us all even deeper to our true being and generally benefit the collective awakening process in a special way.

Ten highly magical days

Divine self-imageAfter all, portal days are generally accompanied by the potential to change one's own self-image and also the potential to become aware of profound/reality-changing information. There is often talk of a veil to the subtle world, which is significantly thinner within a portal day. One could therefore also speak of days on which a general state of unveiling is increasingly present and this unveiling can refer to all levels of existence or to a wide variety of areas. So we are in a gigantic unveiling process anyway, i.e. the veils that lie over the true background/events of the world and above all over our hearts are becoming increasingly clear. Behind all these veils that have been consciously hidden for decades (actually much longer) were maintained are (primarily through ourselves, in which we have kept ourselves in limitation and ignorance), there is a root cause based on truth, light, abundance and holiness. As these veils continue to lift, the world is also increasingly moving into a state of ascension. The final state of a fully liberated world, subsequently energized and sustained by our fully enlightened minds, is an inevitable consequence of this process. Your own spirit, which rises from density into light/lightness.

Our inner transformation takes place at a rapid pace

Inner transformationAnd since the energetic situation is currently more intense than ever before and everything is currently changing at a rapid pace, these ten days will also have an extremely healing influence on our entire energetic body. Moments of strong inspiration and violent transformation and letting go processes are therefore to be expected. Similar to what happened in December (We also had a ten-day portal phase there), therefore further valuable realignments and updates are taking place. Well, ultimately the last quarter or the end of January will be accompanied by tremendous intensity and will of course be completed accordingly. In exactly this way, an energetically strong transition into the last month of winter, February, is initiated. Our origin is calling. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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