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Today's daily energy on January 24th, 2019 is still shaped by the moon in the zodiac sign Virgo, which means that a productive mood could still prevail, i.e. we may be very internally motivated and pursue our own self-realization intensified (depending on how strongly we resonate with the lunar influences). Self-realization is also a key word in this context, because our self-realization is more important than ever in the current high-energy phase.

Our self-realization

Our self-realizationThis is specifically about expressing our own true self, based on abundance and, above all, fulfillment, and thereby pursuing our own spiritual desires. Instead of permanently remaining in our own comfort zone, experiencing a certain standstill and holding on to a correspondingly destructive circumstance within our own incarnation, possibly until the end, that does not correspond to our deepest longings and true ambitions, we blow up our own self-imposed mental limits Limits, overcome ourselves and begin to immerse ourselves in a state of consciousness from which a fulfilling reality emerges. In this context, it is also extremely important to understand that all ideas and wishes on our part can be experienced or, better said, realized. Everything is essentially based on consciousness and we have the unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in a wide variety of states of consciousness. Basically, there are no limits, only the limits that we impose on ourselves, usually in the form of blocking beliefs and convictions: “That’s not possible,” “I don’t trust myself to do that,” “I can’t do that.” this is not possible". Since we then have no corresponding idea ourselves ("I can't imagine that", a sentence that truly expresses that you really can't imagine something, you can't allow any thoughts about a corresponding scenario), we deny ourselves the opportunity to then immerse ourselves in a corresponding state of consciousness or to then allow a corresponding reality to become manifest. 

Everything is energy and that's all. Align the frequency with the reality you want and you will get it without being able to do anything about it. There can be no other way. That's not philosophy, that's physics. - Albert Einstein..!!

Nevertheless, all limitations on our part can be overcome, usually by changing our own beliefs/beliefs and as a result gaining an understanding that corresponding (our) obstacles can be overcome and corresponding (our) scenarios can be realized. At the end of the day, energy always follows our own attention and for this reason we can create/manifest what we focus more of our attention on. But if we think something is impossible or doubt the experience of a situation, then it is not possible for us, at least at that moment, to focus our attention on the circumstance/condition. Well, with regard to our self-realization it should be said that we can now break through all self-imposed limits on the way to our true nature. We can create a completely new self-image and create a life that corresponds to our deepest desires and intentions. Due to the current special energy quality, this process is even strongly encouraged. In two days, on the portal day, this aspect will generally be favored again. Another energetic “peak day” that will be accompanied by an acceleration again. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support 🙂 

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