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Today's daily energy on December 24, 2021 is characterized on the one hand by the last portal day of the ten-day series of portal days, i.e. we are going through the last big gate today and on the other hand the influence of Christmas Eve also has an effect on the collective. In this context, the energy of Christmas Eve is always a very special one, so it prevails within the collective presents an energy of calm that we hardly experience on any other day of the year. All, or a large portion of the collective, aligns their minds with the energy of stillness, contemplation, relaxation, family, and inner peace.


The BIRTH of CHRISTIAN CONSCIOUSNESSFor this reason, apart from all the stormy happenings in the world, the general frequency today is totally calm. On the other hand, the energy of holiness is also very present. On this day, many people carry the energy of holiness in their spirit, just by inwardly directing the word or rather the thought of Christmas Eve. Therefore, on this day, many people call for the information of holiness, i.e. the energy of salvation, which also has a strong influence on the energy body of the collective from a purely energetic point of view. And if you then consider that Christmas Eve essentially stands for the birth of the Christ Child or for the birth of Christ consciousness, then this also shows us again how powerful the basic frequency of this day is. The day therefore carries within itself the birth of holiness, i.e. the beginning unfolding of a state of consciousness, which in turn expands towards holiness, divinity and unconditional love.

Surrender to the calm

Surrender to the calmThe day also teaches us which energies are healing for our entire system. Devoting oneself to one's own family, being anchored in peace, feeling a carefree mood, turning to relaxation and also surrendering to sacred information at the same time, hardly anything brings greater salvation. There is therefore no other day of the year when it is so relaxing to go for a walk through nature, at least that is my personal experience. Of course, walks through nature are always extremely beneficial and calming, but especially on Christmas Eve, a very special kind of calm can be felt. And this calm pervades all of nature. Well then, one way or the other, an energetically valuable day awaits us with Christmas Eve.

The end of the portal day phase

And since we experience the last day of the portal day phase in exactly this way, we can delve particularly deeply into our own inner world. Ten energetically stormy days reached us, but now on the final day, i.e. at the end of crossing the large portal, maximum calm returns. So let's enjoy today's feast with our loved ones and give ourselves completely to rest. With this in mind, I wish you all happy holidays and a merry Christmas. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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