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The daily energy today is of great intensity. So today another portal day reaches us, which once again brings with it a lot of potential. Because of this, we are again given special access to our own innermost core and can deal more intensively with our own primal ground, with our own mental aspects. In this context, we reach many portal days again in the near future.

The year 2017 and its intense influences

The year 2017 and its intense influencesIn this regard, we will again see phases in the coming months in which 10 portal days will take place in a row (September/October). For this reason, very challenging months await us, or a time in which an energetic milieu will reach us, which in turn will put a great strain on our own mind. Our own mental + emotional development is taking on more powerful features from week to week and on an energetic level there is currently so much happening that it is only a matter of time before the collective state of consciousness will make a huge leap. Basically, a trend that began in May of this year is continuing, and there is currently such a powerful vibrational situation as has never been the case in recent years. Whether on an immaterial or material level, changes, further developments and revelations are currently the order of the day and so much is happening that it is hardly comprehensible for one's own mind. In this context, a purification process continues, which could also be equated with psychological detoxification. karmic patterns and other problems are coming to a head and an intensive purification process is still taking place. In the process, all self-created blockages are transported into our own day-consciousness at tremendous speed, which sets in motion a massive mental + emotional development. Ultimately, this process is also due to the vibrational frequency of our planet. For that matter, everything in existence also has its own frequency. In the same way, the state of consciousness of a person vibrates at a corresponding frequency. In this regard, our own frequency always adapts to the frequency of our planet. The higher the frequency of our planet, the stronger our vibrational alignment.

All programs that are responsible for the fact that we humans keep creating a negative vibrational situation are gradually being changed in the current time and thus favor a more positive orientation of our own mind again..!! 

The vibration adjustment ensures that all our own programs, which in turn are based on low frequencies, are brought to our attention, which may even cause massive problems/discrepancies, so that we can then initiate changes, which then lingers permanently in a high vibration frequency can be guaranteed again. Since such a high energetic environment currently prevails on our planet, a very violent adjustment of vibrations is taking place. But that's not bad, on the contrary, because we humans are increasingly being asked to create space for positive thoughts and emotions.

Use the potential of today's portal day and recreate a life in which we no longer let negative thoughts and emotions dominate us, but become much more free and no longer have to be subject to self-imposed mental patterns..!!

For this reason, we should consciously accept the process again and join it. Instead of letting everything come to a head, we should take precautions in advance and lay the foundation for a positive alignment of our own mind. So today is the perfect time to do that. We should therefore join the strong influences of Portal Day today and lay the foundations for a more harmonious life again. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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